Marmalade Toast & Changi City Point

Dragged myself down to town on a lazy Sunday afternoon because Zee is threatening to end our friendship if I am rejecting his outing again…LOL! But the thing is he is super last-minute! He usually asks me on the day itself or when I’m in the middle of my Chingay -.- How to make it?!

So I finally made him fix a date last week and we met up after his gym session along with his brother! Went to try Marmalade Toast, which is highly raved by Zee!


Smoked salmon toast!!! ❤

Then Zee was telling me about him having a tiff with his girlfriend the previous night…

Wei Sheng: 对女人就是要凶!所以我每次跟女孩子吵架都赢的。

Zee: 因为你还没有跟 Vivian 吵过嘛!上次我跟她吵, in the end 我被她骂 =/

Wei Sheng: 你不够凶嘛!

Zee: 你跟她吵看看 lor!

ROFLOL. I still laugh whenever I think of how he described me as some tigress! Hahahahaha! He even told his girlfriend, “If you see the way she talks to me, you will not be jealous anymore.” LOL! TRUEEE!!!

As usual, who’s Zee if he doesn’t make the sai-kang-warrior-me help him out with something when we are out -.- So I helped him choose his Valentine’s Day gift and luckily it did not take too long~

In fact he settled on it pretty fast; guys are guys after all. And it is really much easier getting gifts for girls than guys =/

Anyhow, accompanied them to check out their new gym outlet at Raffles Place and it was pretty cool~ Even has a mini boxing ring and a mini pool!

A peekture with the smaller version of the piggo! xD

As requested by Zee because he wanted to show off how his brother is now smaller size like him..haha!

Off to the east while the brothers went off their movie~ I think they are the only 2 who will scold a girl for not wanting to watch a particular movie with them just because she has no interest for it -____-|||

Checked out the new Changi City Point and tried the custard buns there as well! Haha!

Can never stop trying it everywhere! xD

Look at how it’s oozing out? But actually Swee Choon‘s ones are still much more generous!

Exactly what I've been telling Zee! HAHA!
(via starsandstitches.tumblr)


4 thoughts on “Marmalade Toast & Changi City Point

    • Yes yes~ Whiny bitch, I see your spams now -.-”
      1. I definitely remember you scold me for not watching a certain movie that you wanna watch before.
      2. GOOD!

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