V-Day with ❤s!


First time cabbing to this office because buddy happened to be heading down to Raffles to settle some stuff and I decided to hop on! Hehe. Even bumped into Chii Hian who had been stalking me all the way from home! LOL.

Like every other year, Valentine’s Day was not a special occasion to me, so it was spent with a simple dinner~ (Kai Bin, you don’t have to be curious anymore…haha!)


Love the menu!

And then some booze! 😀

Brought my 4 Valentine dates to FIVE because that’s the only place with cheap alcohol that I can think of~

Forgot to take pictures of my own drinks -.- But anyhow, this is buddy’s Lychee Beer~ Kinda special yea?

The guys started playing games like 7-Up and 一只青蛙 (with many nonsensical versions) and I couldn’t stop laughing! Shrine and I both laughed till we wanna puke! LOLOL!

After all the games, the red demon is evolving! xD

But they went on with Jager Bomb after the tower of beer!

The alcoholic teaching the first-timer how to mix the “bomb“~

After that, they continued on a huge glass of beer!

Really had a nonsensical night with them and a great time laughing, as usual! Started my nonsense in the train as well by telling the guys repeatedly that I’m going to STOMP them, especially Shrine! LOL.

Cause he was sitting on the priority seat, listening to his ear piece which wasn’t plugged into anything…ROFL. That’s how nonsensical they are!

Cho~ sleepy after all the drinks! @.@


Poohpooh has got Valentine's Day gifts! 😀

(via leilockheart.tumblr)



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