Have been feeling unwell for the past 2 days~ Took MC on Monday because I was soooo lethargic when I woke up; probably spent most of the time waking up to cough -.-“

Needed some tranquility and was planning to head to 1 of my favourite quiet places, but thanks to the rain, I had to stay indoor…Zzzzz. So I went to the quietest indoor place I know of – library! Haha!

Had a good read there before my stomach started growling~ So it’s time to pamper myself with something that makes me happy! ((:

Custard buns!!! 😀

Then came my companion of the day and off to sing that is! It’s actually my first time at Teo Heng and the screen is touch screen!

But I think I still prefer the remote control because there were a few times when I accidentally “touched” the wrong song =/

And although my throat was totally not in the condition to sing (kept having phlegm stuck there), it still makes me feel better whenever I sing! Tralala~

Unwell Tuesday~ *shivers*

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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