Blur blur day~

Felt so so so good waking up after 10 hours of sleep! 😀

But such a blur day~ First I forgot to bring my gloves! Then while heading out to get lunch, all 4 of us did not bring the key out and we were locked outside the office!!!

Can’t believe the management doesn’t hold any spare key, so we were really stuckkkkk =/
Luckily we managed to solve the problem within like 30 minutes! By breaking through the window!!! LOL!

We totally looked like some burglars!!!

Managed to go home to get my gloves before training, thanks to 顺风车!
Yay~! Don’t have to use Mr Lame’s smelly gloves!!!

Double YAY because I have a partner for the night, so I don’t have to partner the female coach! Hoho~! Everyone knows how glad I was when Weiting’s friend appeared for makeup class! Hahaha! Haven’t seen nor partnered her for soooooo long!

I even psycho-ed her to come again on next Wednesday for another of her makeup class and she tried to psycho me to join Sunday class because she doesn’t have a partner either! But Sunday class is …*yawn~*

Back home and headed out immediately for parcel delivery! So excited when I finally received the parcel that I have been tracking these days because it’s supposed to be Chii Hian’s birthday present!

Delivered it to her doorstep as promised and I did not even have time to write a proper birthday message on the box…haha! Neither do I wanna unwrap her present, so I have to depend on Google for the images~

It’s actually a Hello Kitty sushi maker set! Don’t be deceived by her appearance, she actually loves Hello Kitty and is recently into some “training of becoming a good housewife“, hence spending lots of time to cook and etc! xD

Awwww~ I can already imagine her making these cute sushi for Gary! Though she is more keen to make Dear Daniel ones for him…haha! So sweet~!

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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