Thank you, Shakespeare!

Everyone hates being disappointed, but that moment when you see a new hope, that disappointment is nothing as compared to that happiness anymore~ Still, I think there’s a lesson ought to be learned here.


Spike D as promised (:

And the extra order of an even more sinful one – Chocolate Nastiness!

And the great Friday night ended off at Dempsey😀


Been a long time since I had Margarita~

Sudden urge to cross the border for some shopping!
Decided to bring the kid along since I had promised her quite some time ago that I will bring her there~

Went in pretty late than usual and luckily neither the bus queue nor custom crowd was too bad (:
But by the time we reached, it was already 3 plus, so headed for fooddddd immediately!

Lyn was tempted by the french toast as everyone seems to be having that, so we decided to order one to share. Sadly, there is peanut butter in it! I forgot that I ordered once with Soon Song and Shrine =/

Actually I didn’t mind eating because I was damn hungry, but the little girl refused to let me -.-“
Anyway, our favourite – mushroommmmmmm~!

Noodle to share as well!
But sometimes it can be quite agonising to share food with her because she lovesssss to split them equally or ensure that I get more, no matter how hungry or full she is…Zzzzzz!

I felt like I was really bringing a little kid overseas -____-|||

Waiting for her bubble tea!

The yam pudding ice blended that I recommended! But it turned out that she’s not a fan of pudding; why still order that?! –FAINT!

So she had a hard time finishing that ginormous cup, because it only comes in the large size =/

Oh we were joking again about what disaster Lyn would bring this time round because she is damn suay; the kind that says rain and it will rain, says custard bun stall will close and it really closed down kind -.-“

Me: Yah maybe the whole City Square will be closed down!

Lyn: Yah maybe hor!!!

And guess what?! No, City Square did not close down but some parts were cordoned off for renovation! T.T
Really is suay daooooooooooo~~~~

I was kinda sad because I did not really buy any clothes even though there were sales around! No shoes too! Boohoo~ Got a tee in the end and then my best buy of the day *point below*!!!

Little Bee top and pants for little Isaac!!! xD
I think it’s sooooo cute that I wish they have adult size as well! And it’s such a steal because it was on sales, then when I was paying, there was further discount of another RM 8!

I even went back to see if I can get another set for him, but I think nothing is cuter than this design…hehe! Not a wasted trip after all 😀



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