Healthy Sunday!

My Sundays are usually spent snuggling in bed till whatever timing I want or need – if there’s any outing to prepare for. But this Sunday is a little different and healthy because I went for a morning walk with Shi Min! xD

That 老人 said she felt like going for a walk at the newly renovated Bishan Park and it really feels like such a 老人 activity! LOL. But before we even reached, she had already started complaining about the hot sun -___-|||

Equipped with shades and Vitasoy from Shi Min!

She was looking forward to the new look because the news make it sounds damn nice~ And I guess this is the “nature” kind of feel that it was referring to…LOL.

Then Shi Min made me climb down a slope to this mud water pond after spotting a swan there~

A SWAN?!?!?! ROFL!

I only see a poor dead frog crushed by the lorry from the construction site!

Another of the “nature” feel~
But looks like a flood to me =/

One of the nicer area (:
Except that some of the plants are already dried up~

Finished exploring and we spent the next 1 hour plus trying to find our way to Shunfu Market because Shi Min wanted to try her luck for the muffins there…LOL. In the end we got lost just before Thomson Plaza; we tried to take the shortcut but got stuck amongst the terraces =/

So we walked all the way out again and ended up at Sin Ming area~ She was contemplating on giving up or to continue from Sin Ming and luckily we chose the helpline – called TCC to check and realised the muffin stall is actually closed on Sundays! ROFL!

So much for the long walk! Hahahaha! But it was a good 2 hours 老人-walk exercise xD

Back home to shower and then headed out again to Sis’s house! Had not met the little burger since CNY and I definitely miss him so much!!!


Like a boss! xD

Giving the usual frown whenever I have not seen him for a long time!
Ahhhhh~ *pinch cheeks!*

Peeping at daddy and mummy folding clothes~

I think he is taller than the previous time when I saw him! Not surprising, since it has been 1 month!
Wearing the bee pants I bought for him xD

Played with him for the longest time and it’s also my first time witnessing him smiling, or rather, laughing (in super high pitch) so much! 😀

Probably because he is slightly less cranky now, or maybe it’s just more comfy to play with him when I can lie down. Usually when we are at the sofa, it’s just stand or sit, so he gets cranky once he’s tired of the same position…haha!

Love it when babies grab tightly on to my finger! So cute ❤ !

But why does it seem like my finger is his next food in the queue (after he finishes his own thumb)…LOL!

He got sick of lying there again so it’s time to carry him! And this is what happen when you have a cam-whore aunt – geh geh force you to cam-whore with her! LOLOL.

Can see that he’s not a fan of it at all because he started to get grumpy…hahaha! But I will try harder the next time xD

Sis and Victor decided to head out for an earlier dinner because I need to rush off for my movie =/
Wanted to eat custard buns again but the queue at Kungfu Paradise was pretty long, so we switched to Fish N Chicks instead.

Isaac trying to read the menu as well…haha! Mad cute!!!

Drool till his shirt is so wet! LOL!


My Mushroom Aglio Olio!

I realised this is actually my first time ordering Aglio Olio. Never ordered it before (only tried it) because I find it oily, but I guess I got influenced~ It’s pretty nice by the way! (:

Rushed back to AMK for Mr & Mrs Gambler and luckily I made it just in time! I bet everyone was surprised as I did..hahaha!

Not really interested in this movie but it’s more of a Clique thing~
Even Miss President Khiew is there, so how can I not be! xD

Anyway, she had zero idea what this movie is about either, and it turned out really lame! It’s the lame kind of comedy; the same kind as The Great Magician, whereby you go, “WTH?!?!” and then laugh at the lameness of it…hahaha!

Ended up at our most frequent hangout – buddy’s house after the movie! But left shortly after to search for food for the hungry ghosts~

Not a wasted Sunday! 😀

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


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