Finally watched LOVE and I was really looking forward to it once I saw the poster!

I’m so into Taiwanese movies lately, especially when there are so many actors and actress that I like starring in it, like …


And 陈意涵!!! Love both of them because of 痞子英雄~ 😀

Although I heard from the people who have watched saying that the movie is not that nice, I was still looking forward and determined to watch! And guess what! I actually like it pretty much!

3 funny and touching love stories that is not just about the love between couples, but love between friends and siblings as well (:

They may not be extremely touching but there are still many quotes that I like or can relate to! I guess one of the most memorable ones was – 永远不要去想念你不曾拥有的~

And I think my heart will melt if anyone ever says, “你的未来我全包了” to me…hahahaha! Of course not the 包养 kind, because 我不接受包养, 我只接受 … 爱。(Another cheesy quote from the movie…LOL)

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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