$2 dress!!!

It’s Friday again~! In a hyperactive mode once I woke up (I have no idea why too)! Haha!
Can even cam-whore while drying my hair; pro or what?! LOL.

Just in a good mood even though I had no plans after work~
But how can go home on a Friday night right?! So I headed to Anchor Point for some shopping! xD

Actually I’ve been thinking of the dress from Cotton On that I didn’t get the previous time I was there! It was 10 bucks and I didn’t know if I will really wear it frequent~ But yet it’s a more formal dress that I may need in my wardrobe!

So I decided to go back and see if it’s still there and surprisingly, it is! After 1 month! Must have been waiting for me! LOL. So I tried it again and decided to just get it!

But while checking, I spotted a small defect; there’s a small hole between the stitches which I figured that can be sewn back~ So I pretended to ask if there is another piece, showing the defect, and when I was told that it’s the only piece left, I tried my luck for discount~

Ta-dah! After consulting her supervisor, the staff came back and told me, “That will be $2!” I’m pretty sure she said that but I convinced myself that it’s impossible to be 2 bucks, and that she meant a discount of $2, which is good enough for me!

So I gave her a $10 note and she asked if I have $2 instead, that’s when I realised IT’S REALLY $2!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGG. Seriously 捡到宝 because it’s a HUGE discount from 10 bucks to just $2!

Where to find a dress for 2 bucks you tell me! Top or bottom maybe yes, but DRESS?! Even my lunch was 3 times of this =OOOOO

So you see, guys always nag that if we save on buying clothes, we can use the money for many meals. But now the truth is if I have saved on my lunch, I could use the money to buy many clothes! LOL!


Off to Holland Village to find Joan (the other one), who is interning in one of the spas there. Went up to her workplace to wait for her and omgggggggggggg~ I really hate the lemongrass smell in those therapeutic shops! =/

Waited for her to finish work before bringing her to my favourite Coffee Club there!


I had no intention to have the mud pie again but I recommended it to Joan and she kept hinting me by repeatedly saying she’s afraid that she can’t finish~ So I had a share in this sinful thing once again x.x

At least my Friday night wasn’t wasted off! (:

(via whenthestarscollide.tumblr)


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