First presents!

Had trouble sleeping the previous night and the next morning, I got woken up before my alarm again. Every single morning, without fail. I’m sick and tired of this, really.

Super sleepy day as a result, but lunching out kinda made up for it, especially when it’s with such a good view (:

Suggested Marina Square for a change because I remember the foodcourt there has many food choices. It turned out that there are really so many that I took 2 rounds to finally decide on what I want =/


Panoramic view of the city~

Boss admiring the view xD


包 face cam-whoring away~

Off to Min’s house to collect her BKK loots for me! 😀
I have been wanting to go BKK so badly since like how many years ago lor. But I can foresee myself spending like throwing money into the drain just like Shi Min because the things are really dirt cheap!!!


First birthday presents! Love them! ❤ ❤ ❤

The girls got me addicted to Naraya now!
Awwwww~ When will girls have enough bags?!

(via whenshesaidbreakaleg.tumblr)


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