Tinis! :D


Money-saver lunch! 😀

Dropped by town to meet Zee to pass him something and hear him rant at the same time…haha! Gave him advices and etc and somehow it’s really always so much easier giving others advices =/

Anyway, I am touched when he whined said that there are so many things he wanna rant to me but he stopped himself; like every time he has something to rant about, I will be the first in the list~ Well, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but at least that shows that I’m such an important friend right! LOL.

Decided to try my luck to sneak into No.5 (min. age is 25 -.-) and I even took off my hairband because it’s too cute to be 25. Hahaha! So glad that I did not get my ID checked and I finallyyyyyy get my Martinis after so long!!! 1 year plus! My gawd~


I miss you! Choya Martini~

Satisfied my craving! Watched people play pool and I realised this is actually my first time drinking alone! Haha!

But not for long before I was “found” -.- More Martinis then!Photobucket

I think it’s my first time trying the peach one and it’s awesomeeeeeee! Omgggggg. Love it so much that I feel like sneaking in again!

But too much Martinis and my stomach started to feel like there’s a hole =/
TCC for some cheese sticks! Satisfying~! But goddamn sleepyyyyy after all the drinks!

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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