Draw Something!


Training as usual on Wednesday, except that I don’t have a partner this time, wait, actually I do have, but she had stopped for 1 year plus and now she can’t hold for me x.x

As a result, Mr Lame made Rave hold for me even though he knows I have something against him holding for me…tsk! It’s just more awkward to have a guy hold for you -.-“

I know I once said I would like to try partnering a guy one day, but that is someone of my level -.- Rave is too pro and naggy. Well of course he is very helpful in correcting me, more eager than Mr Lame I would say, but he loves to mock at me too…Zzzz.

Good lesson though. Just that I am really so used to what I have been doing for the past 2 years and it’s kinda difficult for me to change to the right technique overnight =/

Anyhow, breakfast the next morning with a garden view! Haha!

I actually kinda love gardens because it’s so pretty!


Nice carrot cake! 😀

But it was such a big plate and I actually felt kinda nauseous in the afternoon because it’s a tad too oily =/
Maybe my stomach is just too weak, as usual…Zzzz.

Dropped by Shunfu Mart and bought the famous muffins for boss and colleagues! The first time I tried it was because Zee got it for me; never thought I could wake up early enough before the stall closes…haha!



Glad that everyone likes it! (:
Boss even thanked me again just before I left and I like simple acts like this. It’s like the person really appreciates and not just ate and forget kind…hehe.

IPL appointment after work and then started my night stroll~
Enjoying the beautiful night scene of Singapore while playing Draw Something!

Speaking of that game, it really makes my day sometimes, especially when you have friends with real crappy drawings!


Dafug is this you tell me?! LOL.

And this is Star Wars, my goodness!


Which part looks like bra ah?!

But Shrine is not the worse. I had a hard time staring at this, not to mention it used up 1 of my bombs (aka helpline) too -.-“

Was walking around Orchard Central when I suddenly recalled that I received an SMS from them some time this month regarding some birthday gift~ So went to collect it and it’s some useful vouchers (:

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)



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