First KS!

An Pan aka Red Bean Bun!!! 😀

Happened to see it when we were out for lunch at Great World and I was just looking for it on Tuesday but it was sold out! I think Four Leaves ones are the closest to what JAS usually gives us for Chingay!

In fact I think that’s their supplier, but somehow what JAS gave is just much nicer! Haha! At least Four Leaves ones still pass off as the nicer An Pans, especially when it’s warm (:

Did some blue screen filming in office and halfway through, our very DIY set collapsed! LOL! Because Reiko was the host and she did not see what happened behind her back, she just stared at our horrified faces before we burst into laughter!

But we managed to finish everything in a pretty short time and it’s time to enjoy the kindly “sponsored” peach tarts! Haha! Glad that everyone loves it 😀

I took the one with biggest peach! xD

Sudden urge to watch Andy Lau’s 桃姐 (actually I just didn’t know that it’s already out!) and I’m glad the guys agreed to watch with me! Teehee~

I actually enjoyed it even though it’s not as touching as I had expected and the guys found it a bit draggy. It’s really a simple story of this maid who spent almost her whole life serving this family~

It’s heartwarming to see the way she devotes her life to them as though she is part of the family or as though she owes her life to them. Yes she may be paid, but I think no amount of money can buy a person’s lifetime; 是情 (:

Anyway, the actress was really good! Which is mainly why I enjoyed it. And she’s really cute in the movie! Haha!

Slacked at Mac after that and chit-chatted again. It’s been a while~
Talked about work mainly and I don’t know if I should be worried or proud of my buddy’s attitude…tsk tsk.

Yea I hate formality very much too. But when it comes to work, I think there is still a need to draw a line and sometimes talking back to superior is just a big no-no, especially with an impolite tone =/

I thought Aries are impulsive enough…haha! Anyway, finally!

Yea baby! ❤ ❤ ❤

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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