The journey begins~

Wanted to make full use of my Sunday as well but since baby burger is not at home, I asked Ah Lyn out before our briefing in the late noon! (:

Pangseh-ed her so many times and finally we made our trip down to Peach Garden again (but during dim sum hour this time round) to continue our “Find Singapore’s nicest custard bun” mission! LOL.

Like damn atas eh! Tai tai lifestyle! Woo~

Window view some more! xD

Only ordered a few items since our main motive of coming is just for the custard buns! But because the little one had not have anything, we agreed that she will eat 2/3 of everything! Hoho~


Egg tarts first!

I can only judge if the food is nice or not very nice, because sometimes food that is highly raved by others turn out to be not as good =/
But the egg tarts are nice!


Xiao long bao, har gow & custard buns!


Siew Mai as well!

The har gow and siew mai are nice too!! Many prawns inside~
Time to try the xiao long bao!

What’s with the 嫌弃 face?! LOL.


Nice shot by yours truly! xD

It turned out that the xiao long bao wasn’t as nice as we expected, probably not soupy enough~ And here comes the final judgement!

Flowy – passed!
But taste wise, it was kinda disappointing since it was rated as 1 of the best custard buns by LadyIronChef. We both agree that the filling is not thick enough as compared to Swee Choon‘s or Kungfu Paradise‘s; kinda diluted =/


So what we came for turned out to be not the nicest dish and we concluded that Peach Garden is better at dishes with prawns! Haha! Plus the mini egg tarts! (:

It’s not that I’m turning my blog into a food blog or we are perpetually hungry people, but there is just nothing much to do in Singapore especially when Lyn doesn’t shop and I don’t really shop in Singapore either~

So … off for some desserts next! LOL. Went to Broers Cafe because I promised to drop by to try their new tarts and I finally have the time to do so! (:

Waiting for our tarts to be warmed and served to us~ (Look at her nails…tsk tsk!!!)


Lemon tart!

If you are a fan of sour stuff, you will really really love this like I do! It’s damn sour for a tart but it’s damn niceeeeeeee!!! I’m sure buddy will love it too! Dope!

Then they also have this dark chocolate tart, which I was there for~ Chocolate; what can go wrong? (:

Last but not least, the crème brûlée tart which we were too busy indulging in that we only remember to snap a photo after we had dug in! Oops! But it’s a little too watery, probably due to overheating~

Oh I have to clarify that we are not gluttons okay~ We had a special guest to help us clear the tarts too! Haha! Anyway, once again, do show some support to them if you are looking for some good coffee and tarts! (:

The Broers Cafe
No 3 Petain Road,
Singapore 208108
(Along Somme Road)

Off for our NDP briefing which is just nearby and it turned out that the supposed-to-be-3-hours briefing took only like 30 minutes?! I would really have given it a miss if I know that -_____-|||

But I actually can’t wait for the practices to start once again! Just that I’m dreading the audition next week (I hate auditions/interviews/anything that make me nervous!) and also the longggggg traditional costume…Zzzzz.

Anyhow, we were deciding where to go after that and since Cla was going to long bang us but he was stuck in the EXCO meeting, we asked for his car key and he actually agreed! Damn 爽快 as usual!

I am still surprised by how much trust he has in us! Even after we sent him photo of us messing around in his car, he replied that it’s a nice photo! LOL!

Taking turns to be in his signature look (white cap and shades)! Who pulled off better??? Hahahahaha!

Tiff joining in the craze! xD
Too bad WY left with her mum, if not it will be a big reunion!


Like a boss! xD


This is really cute, isn't it?! LOL!

This little kid was busy playing with the windscreen wiper and trying very hard to find the water spray but failed to! Hahaha! Maybe sometimes too much trust is not good? We could really mess up his car!!!

Off to Old Airport Road for Lyn’s virgin Lao Ban beancurd try! I have been wanting to bring her to try and finally have the chance to! But of course after conquering this queue first =/

Off for our romantic and exciting night at East Coast Park~! Romantic because we were eating Lao Ban by the sea and exciting because we were eating with a bunch of cockroaches! LOL!!!

Due to the rain, there were many cockroaches crawling around the breakwater and I drained my phone battery just to keep the torchlight on to make sure none of them is crawling towards us xD

When I saw one crawling towards me, I stood up to run immediately without even realising that 1 of my socks has came off! LOL! Then another crawled towards Lyn and she stood up while screaming; I was screaming too, except that I was screaming because she was stepping on the whole of my foot to get up!

Super funny and interesting night!!! We even got free muffins from this group of youngsters sitting beside us! They were having some birthday celebration and couldn’t finish the cakes, so offered us some!


2 Blueberry and 2 Chocolate!

I was the one who happily accepted the muffins even though we were pretty full from the beancurds! Not being yiao gui (greedy), but it’s really nice of them to have offered us and I didn’t wanna reject them (:

Sometimes I will do such thing as well because I like the joy of sharing! And I will be happy if my offer is being accepted! So this way, we are happy to have free muffins and they are also happy to have shared their food with us~ Hehe!

Even the cockroaches were happy! Happily eating all the crumbs that we dropped! LOL! What an interesting night seriously! But we all had a good time laughing xD


Mask stocked up! Hehe!

All thanks to Lyn’s brother! Anyone interested to buy??? Selling at cheaper price than Singapore~ We have extra stock! =/

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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