Rochester Park!


Macarons ❤

Tiramisu ❤

Naïve for dinner but because I’m not hungry, I’m just there to help eat a little~
And to grind sesame seeds! Haha!


Before & After

Smarter this time round~
Only ordered 2 bowls of Tom Yum soup, which are really yummy by the way!

1 plate of olive rice~
I hate rice but loveeeee olive rice! Too bad I wasn’t hungry, so I only had a little.

1 plate of sichuan tofu and that’s it! Everything is really nice there, including this tofu which I’m trying for the first time! (:



Explored Rochester Park after that because I have been wanting to visit the place after reading about so many nice restaurants there! The place really impressed me much more than Dempsey because the whole ambience is just different!

I felt like I was out of Singapore, in some villa or something~ Really a nice place to chill but of course the whole place is so atas that it scares me a little to step into the restaurants =/

Had no intention to eat since we just had dinner, but since we came “all the way” as quoted (haha!), we ended up settling in 1 of the cafes that I wanted to patronise – 1-Caramel! 😀

Knew that the strawberry shortcake is a must-try because IronLadyChef said it’s like 1 of the best strawberry shortcakes in Singapore! Tried another recommended one as well – Hazelnut Praline!

I thought that’s just nice, 1 fruit and 1 chocolate but guess what…
THE CAKES WERE HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can’t really tell from the pictures but you can definitely tell from our O.O and jaws-drop expressions if you were there =/

I was expecting the strawberry shortcake to be the normal slice cake size, but it turned out like 150% bigger! Or maybe 170%!

And the Hazelnut Praline is supposed to be this small according to the blog and the picture in the menu! T.T

Photo taken from

What a huge difference!
Of course people are usually happy about anything that is bigger but this is HUGE! Too huge for the after-dinner tummies x.x

But I must say that they are really good! Especially the strawberry shortcake even though I’m not a fan of strawberry cakes at all (I like strawberries but not strawberry-flavoured stuff)! But that was just real good!

Waitress: How are the cakes?

Me: They are good! But it’s HUGE!

Waitress: *serves ice water*

Me: Even your ice water is huge!!!


And the whole night I just went on and on, “The cakes are really nice leh! But they are huge!” LOLOL. Because I was really full to the brim after squeezing them down and raising the white flag for the mousse portion of the Hazelnut Praline!

But the cakes are really nice!!! Just that they are HUGE!
ROFL. Luckily the bill wasn’t as “huge“; each cake is only $8.50! Definitely worth it since it’s HUGEEEE! xD



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