Survival week~

Reiko is back from Taiwan~! So much updates from her as I am always interested in Taiwan!!! Would love to go back there if cash flow isn’t an issue x.x


Gifts from Taiwan 😀

Another product from Taiwan but this is from Lyn’s brother and it’s my lunch of the day! Just that I spent like close to an hour cooking it cause someone switched off the water dispenser and half my noodle is filled with cold water! Argh.

Like the cup noodle my brother bought from Japan, it has real meat inside! But this real meat is already cooked and kept in a separate package; you have to put it on top of the lid to warm it (:

Was looking forward to after work until I got informed that the shoot next day is at 8AM!!! Which means no staying out till late T.T

I really hate how we always have to compromise to their timings even though we have our own working hours and starting work at 8am is just crazy! Argh! Actually I wouldn’t have minded so much if I do not have training at night…Zzzz.

Anyhow, slacked at Coffee Club while waiting for the movie time which in the end we missed! Haha! Luckily tickets were not bought yet~


Never judge the portion of the food by its picture in the menu =/


Romance dessert! Nice!!! ❤

So went back home early for the dreaded shoot and dragged myself out of bed shortly after~ It felt like I only slept for 1-2 hours T.T

Super grumpy, sleepy and hungry!!! Shoot ended at around 4 and I was hoping I can at least go home to catch some sleep before training, but nope, it was back to office since it’s quiteeeee near D:

Dropped by Liang Court to get some food but I was too exhausted to get down, so I stayed in the car to sleep instead. Slightly recharged after some nice cream puffs!

Was in a dilemma for the whole day whether to go for training or not; tried very hard to think of a date for make up class but seems like schedule for these 2 weeks are pretty packed!

The gloomy sky made me even more reluctant but because I have someone to send me all the way down, there comes the motivation! Hehe.

Was slightly late and missed the first round of conditioning training due to the jam but I gave my best (with whatever 0.00000001% energy I’m left) for the remaining training. Highly motivated by female coach’s “Good!” after each round (:

Furthermore this training is kinda different because Mr Lame wasn’t around and female coach took over with slightly more creative combos! I like them because at least we are not doing the same old thing~

We even did the most basic but tiring training of hopping on 1 leg (tip-toed) while your partner holding twisting your other leg and moving you around! My legs went jelly right after that =/

And you know it’s not as easy as you think when even the female coach agreed that those were the longest 2 minutes ever! Haha!


Vainpot asking me to take photo of him -.-"

Gonna be such an exhausting week! D:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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