1-Caramel again!

Still feeling pretty lethargic the whole day because I did not have a good sleep x.x
Woke up in the middle of the night for a few times despite feeling so tired but yet couldn’t fall back to sleep!


Company lunch #132497

Boss was happy that he is fine after a torturous night at the A&E so he announced that it’s his treat at Ichiban Boshi! Yay~! Saved money again! And double yay for salmon!

Met up with Ah Lyn and Ah Jo after work and brought the girls to 1-Caramel! (:

I was excited to bring them there because I really like the ambience! But apparently Lyn was expecting an air-conditioned restaurant and it turned out to be an outdoor environment…haha!

They do have the aircon part inside for dinners but I believe the feel is different~ This is more romantic and I think it’s really suitable for couples to go for dates! (:


Received an early present from Joan! 😀

In bee wrapper some more! Haha!


Ice Cappuccino & Mixed Berries Ice-blended!

Really excited to let the girls try the cakes! But I did warn them beforehand that it’s gonna be huge and it’s safer if we order 2 first…haha!

Even fulfilled Shi Min’s wish and delivered one piece of strawberry shortcake for her xD

Decided to try this Chocolate Berry Lust this time round and I think it’s nicer than the Hazenut Praline! Glad that the girls love the cakes! Hehe!

But too bad I was too tired and 101% siannnnn by the 8.30am shoot the next morning so I had to go home early…sigh~ Plus I was too engrossed in wanting to deliver the cake to Shi Min within an hour that I forgot to bring the girls to tour around Rochester Park! T.T

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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