Shi Min's long-awaited treat!

Morning shoot again but it’s 8.30am this time round; 30 more minutes to sleep plus I do not have training at night, so I’m not as grumpy~ And I have my favourite soft bread from Ah Lyn as breakfast! (:

Reached 15 minutes before call time and I ended up waiting for 30 minutes -.- Shall not touch on that again. But I basically didn’t care how people walking past me are watching me fall asleep beside the cafe…Zzzz.


Playing with the yoga ball during shoot! xD

It’s kinda fun to lie on it and roll around! So tempted to get one…haha!

Shoot only lasted for 2 hours and I really feel so wasted for waking up so early T.T
Anyhow, playing with photo application during lunch~

Was super super sleepy after 3 days without enough sleep but was still looking forward to after work because I’m meeting Miss President! She finally has time for her birthday treat after 7 months!!! Haha!

But it’s kinda stressful bringing this fussy girl out to eat because like buddy, she is quite critical about food~ So what I deemed as nice may not be nice to her =/

Told her to pick a place from my blog and I’ll bring her there and she settled for Swee Choon in the end! Haha! Luckily we managed to find our way there (:


First time trying mee sua kueh!


Love the xiao long bao there!

I think she did not dare to give much comments knowing that I will suan her, so the only comment I remember was, “The tofu is nice!” LOL! So I’m not sure if the rest of the food were up to the president’s expectation xD

Shi Min wanted to try Tom Palette‘s ice-cream as well so we walked down to Bugis to help digest our food a little at the same time. Somehow the walk felt so much shorter this time round! LOL.


Granny's favourite & Yuzu!

Again, Miss President did not make much comments so I’m not sure if the ice-cream is nice to her or not. But then again, sometimes it’s better if she doesn’t make any comments…ROFL.

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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