Audition, again!

Went for the second audition in my life but it’s for the same reason (:
NDP 2012 is starting again soon~! But provided if I passed the audition…haha!

I was really dreading the audition because I HATE all these kinds of things that make me super nervous -.- I just don’t work well under stress but with practice.

Anyway, it’s really scary how time flies because it doesn’t even feel like 1 year ago when I first sat in that auditorium like an anti-social person, reading my book and feeling rather awkward that everyone seems to know each other there except me~

But things are so much more different this year because it felt more like a gathering for everyone! Familiar faces everywhere and I definitely wasn’t the one sitting alone at the corner anymore (:


See the person disturbing me??? Haha!


There she goes again -.-"

It’s sad that the in-charge isn’t the same anymore though, and some old birds are also not joining this year~ But I believe the journey towards August 9 will still be as fun!

Spent about an hour learning the dance steps for the audition and Lyn and I were totally lost towards the end =/

I wasn’t thattttt nervous as compared to her (her hands were freezing!) but I was just stressed out trying to catch and remember the steps, and not forgetting the annoying cameras that took these photos -.-“

I was so stressed that during our 5-minute break, I was like, “Huh you all just going to sit here ah??? Not practising?! T.T” Hahaha! Because I know I might just forget the steps after that 5 minutes! LOL!

But they wanted to eat their pies, so I cam-whored instead x.x

Luckily we went through another 2 rounds before heading out again to wait for our turns for the audition~ Used the time to practise outside this time round and soon it was our turns!!! =O


Our number tags!
(I'm super fated with 3s)

I was chewing my gums throughout because it makes me less nervous; you know how those people chewing gums tend to give off this nonchalant aka bo chup attitude? LOL. So I was basically doing that and it kinda works for me! I just treated it like a normal practice~

The panel of judges =/

Clarence was there as well and at times like this, it’s just baddddd when you know the trainer so well! He was even laughing at us after that…argh!

And I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this picture! Look how lost I was! The only one facing the back! LOL! I always can’t turn back in time for this step =/

Felt so much more relieved after the audition and as for the result, whatever will be will be luh~ Waited for Tiff to finish her audition (she was late) before we headed for Lao Ban again!!! xD

Lyn was sooooo excited because she’s totally addicted to it! Haha! I got her addicted to custard buns and now this! Hehe! Luckily the queue wasn’t as long as the previous time and we bought a total of 25!!! Hahaha!

But only 4 belongs to mine and mostly were Lyn’s! Told you she’s addicted!

解连环 makes me feel damn stupid and demoralised even after I took so long to solve it! I still can’t remember the trick of it every single time I put it back! T.T

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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