First birthday celebration! (:

I don’t know what’s wrong with my right foot but I felt a sudden pain in my sole just when I was leaving office! Limped my way to meet Joan to show her the way to the bus-stop for her new workplace D:

Then we travelled down to PS to meet Ah Lyn, who surprised me with a cake when I got out from the washroom! I knew something’s wrong when she kept rejecting my calls! Hahaha!

Nevertheless, really appreciate the girls’ sweet effort because it was like an impromptu outing! They only got to know few hours before that I don’t have any more free days left this week! Haha!


With much ❤ !


Bakerzin's mango cake from Lyn! Plus macarons!


Favourite Rive Gauche cake from Joan!

Really sweet of them to bother getting me my favourites! 😀


Goodbye 22~


Happiness (:

Fed Joan with the macaron and the meaner – Ah Lyn exclaimed, “You took such a big bite!!!!!!” She even took a photo of her and captioned as, “Yay~! I took a big bite!” LOL!


Thank you so much, girls! ❤

I realised the happiness is really not about the celebration (it’s true that after 21st, there’s nothing much to celebrate about turning a year older), but it’s about the effort and being able to celebrate together (((:

Caught The Lorax after that because Lyn wanted to use up her vouchers but she ended up paying for that extra ticket -.- Doesn’t make sense at all.

Anyhow, it’s basically a kids’ show with a straightforward storyline~ I was expecting it to be funnier since I really love Despicable Me (who doesn’t?!). But the characters were definitely as cuteeeee! Haha!

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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