Back to school!

We had a unique working day because we weren’t in office, but in NUS! 😀

Ran around the campus before we finally found the lecture theatre! With help from my primary school friend whom I bumped into of course! Haha!

One of our clients was giving a talk there and we were actually there to crash the lecture! Despite it being an interesting lecture (as compared to all other lectures I had), I still don’t miss school life at all!!! =/

Since it’s a lecture about food, we even had some tasting sessions! Haha!

Back to office and it’s time to share my Hokkaido cakes! 😀

Everyone is so delighted whenever I have things to share! Haha!
It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

Hunger Games after work! (:

I was expecting it to be something realistic and little did I expect that there are so many futuristic elements involved. And the whole “star cross lovers” thing is a little too easy, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, I was still pretty engaged in it, so much that when the mutated dogs suddenly jumped to the screen, I jumped up as well…hahaha! It’s like a déjà vu of the huge dog charging towards me =/



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