Celebration with Clique!

As usual, birthday is so busy and tiring!!! =/
Celebration after celebration and I finally have time to update my blog now~

Was forced to give training a miss because my leg had not recovered and there was no way I’m going to skip during conditioning training like that. So made the impromptu decision to push dinner with Clique forward, since Queena couldn’t make it the next day.

As usual, no 老大 means no one wants to make decision, so I decided to drag the guys to queue for Itacho Sushi with me! I have been wanting to try because there is always a queue there, which means it must be pretty good! (:

It turned out that I was the first to reach and the queue was pretty long~
Queued for like 2/3 of it alone until the guys finally arrived -.-“

Totally famished after we got in! I spent like more than an hour queuing!
So this was the only picture of food that I remember to take; others were cleared in no time =/


Tamago with Spicy Salmon!

Everything with salmon just tempts me so much! Shrine and I couldn’t get enough of the salmon sashimi that we ordered a plate after another…hehe!

Joke of the night: See the big bowl of soup that Shrine is drinking? He ordered it without realising that his set meal comes with soup as well! LOL.

Finally cleared everything! Full full FULL~! But satisfied!!!
Level of satisfaction? Look at the smirk on WJ’s face! Hahahaha!

Shi Min joined us just before we finished and it’s really becoming such an honour having her around for your birthday! Hahaha! President after all xD

We were all busy chit-chatting after the super full meal and I was totally taken aback when Shi Min suddenly brought out a big cake with lit candle! She was actually busy preparing while we were talking and we hardly noticed! Haha!

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! Super touched that she joined and even made the effort to get me the super nice mango cake from Jack’s Place!! Love and appreciate such effort! (((((((:

Singing the birthday song~ Awkward as usual! =/

Make a wish and huuuuu~!


Thank you everyone for the time, the meal and the love!

Buddy came down after his D&D and despite everyone being super full, we headed to chill at Coffee Club! Lychee Mint treat from the annoying 18 years friend (:

Individual shots!
Thank you so much, my ever-nonsensical bunch! ❤


走在一起,是缘分;一起在走,是幸福 😀

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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