The Soul of Bread~

Finally went to see the sinseh because it’s annoying not being able to walk properly and having to worry about missing trainings! It’s actually the household kind and the person lives right opposite Chii Hian’s unit! Haha!

But somehow I treated it as a clinic and totally forgotten about my shoes! I only realised the moment I stepped in but it was too late; got lectured by the sinseh and his wife as a result x.x

I thought he is gonna twist my leg around as revenge but luckily he was still quite friendly after that, striking conversations while fixing my foot. He said it is probably due to shoes that I wear or I accidentally hurt it when walking…

Luckily within like 5 minutes of massage, my foot was fixed!!! I thought it would at least take a couple of days to recover but nope, it was almost instantaneous! Except that after limping for so many days, I felt a little weird to walk normally =/

Impromptu decision to catch The Soul of Bread since dinner with clique has been pushed forward and my Thursday is now free~ So took the chance to use up my GV birthday 1-for-1 voucher! Hehe.

It was a mad rush because the movie was at 7.15pm and I was stuck in the jam after missing 2 buses! Luckily we made it for the movie despite missing a bit of the front (:

As expected, it was just a “gimmick” for those guys who are crazy over 陈妍希 after You Are The Apple Of My Eyes~ The story was pretty simple – 2 guys fighting over a girl and some parts were actually pretty lame =/

But it wasn’t too boring and at least I managed to use up the birthday privilege…haha!

Custard buns at Marina Square foodcourt! 😀

It was not bad and pretty much satisfied my craving!
But I find it too expensive for $3.60 (3 buns)~

Mad mad mad tired and yawned for I don’t know how many times!
Late nights and auto-wake body clock is baddddddd~ Didn’t even wanna wait till 12am because I know I will end up busy replying messages =/


(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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