I don’t know how to describe my feelings for this day…hmmmm. I was definitely dreading to turn 23 because it really feels damn old even though the elders will say you’re still so young and etc -.- It just scares me how fast time is flying.

As much as I just wanna treat it like a normal day, it can never really be a normal day, can it? People will definitely give you special treatments, which sometimes include decision-making, and that is just not necessarily a good “special treatment” when you really don’t have any preference =/

Well anyhow, looking on the bright side – cakes, meals, presents, people and their effort, it’s still a day meant for happiness and nothing else, right? (:

Boss insisted on treating me a good one, but most of the restaurants were closed because it was kinda late by then. I guess the reason why I don’t wanna be treated “special” on this day is also because I don’t wanna make people stress out just because it’s my birthday.

Tried our luck at Holland Village and found a Mexican restaurant – Cha Cha Cha that doesn’t close after lunch hour. Hurray~! I actually didn’t mind anywhere as long as I get to eat. Famished!


Admiring xD

With Wilson! He has learnt to pose with things so that he will not give his signature stiff smile…hahaha!


Pressies from colleagues!!! 😀

Wilson was carrying this paper bag while we were heading for lunch and told me to pretend that I did not see anything…LOL. But he decided to pass me eventually since I have already seen it…hahaha! So pretty~!

Then came Reiko’s which I couldn’t bear to open either! ❤ the suspense of pressies 😀

My Mexican set which includes a bit of everything and it’s definitely a good choice! (:

We were all so full when we were back to office that Reiko started spamming Enzyplex…hahaha! And because I requested to leave early, they had to celebrate before their food has been digested too. Oops!


Something that cannot be missed out for all our celebrations (:

But this time round it’s a little different~

Instead of the cake which we usually couldn’t finish, Reiko decided to get summer berries tarts! Haha!




And that marks my third celebration! (:
Off for the fourth shortly after~!

Get to choose where I want again and I chose something that I had been wanting to try – Canelé! 😀

Of course I only had room for dessert, even though that “room” that I saved was actually being occupied by the berries tart x.x

Nonetheless, I still wanna try so many things, especially the macarons!!!
Ordered 2 desserts and 1 macaron in the end and they came with candles! Haha! I would be surprised if I did not catch the waitress trying hard to light the candles beside me xD


Yay~! I'm only 20! Hahaha!


The same wish (:

Time to enjoy the desserts! And everything in this plate is just so niceeeeeeeee when put together!!! ❤

Super full but definitely have to squeeze down the Le Royale cake and most importantly, the salted caramel maracon!!! Super niceeeeeeee can?! Now I know why it is much pricier than Bakerzin‘s~

Impromptu decision to head to 1-TwentySix, but it was full house and they refused to open up the other area due to shortage of staff. So no choice~

No plans, I’m okay.
No present, I’m fine too.
But as compared to these, allowing one’s temper to overtake everything hence ruining the whole mood, that is disappointment indeed.

Lime vodka over mind-fucking lecture; my mind just worked extra hard.


Somehow, things just did not turn out as I had expected.
Oh, happy birthday.

(via yanilavigne.net)


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