New wallet! :D

So, this is officially the long-kang that I hate most in Singapore! -.-“

What happened was I was on the way to make up for last week’s training and somehow I knocked my book off my hand, causing it to fly and land on top of this drain. But before it landed, my bear bookmark which I painted myself flew into the drain!

Of all places, what a tragedy?! Argh!

Goodbye mini Kinko T.T

Training was okayyyy because I was more of correcting and teaching my 2 partners~ 1 of them even said she is very scared to hold the pads for me and she just kept moving backwards! Probably because of the crazy way I punch! LOL.

But after that she asked me how do I always manage to hold so firmly and I hope after teaching her, she’s not so scared of me now…haha! Run out of breath after the first round and my foot starts to hurt again after the second =/

Nevertheless, I am still targeting to train for 2 consecutive nights! Don’t wanna keep having to think of dates for makeup training…Zzzz. This week is the last anyway, and from next term onwards, there will be no more Wednesday class but Thursday instead..boohoo!

Mr Lame: Ask Joan (Joanjoan) for her schedule leh…

Me: She won’t be joining lah -.-“

Mr Lame: Whyyyyy! She is really not coming back anymore? Tell her I still have hope for her! Tell her the coach haven’t given up on her!

Me: She has given up on you.

That just made him shut up…haha! Seriously, every single week he either pesters me about Rave (if he is not around), or Joanjoan -____-|||

Anyhow, Sis dropped by to pass me belated Christmas and birthday pressies and I managed to see Little Burger for a while even though he’s sleeping! Awwww~ How I wish I live with him then I can see him everyday 😀

My pretty pressies!

And now I’ve got new wallet!!! Just nice when my old one, which is also from Sis, is starting to peel! (:

Almost the same colour as the previous!

Pretty, isn’t it!
I remember the previous time I also used the wallet immediately! Haha! I am super 喜新厌旧!Hehe!



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