The GOOD Friday! (:

Finally a long weekend and I spent it well with my 2 groups of girlfriends! Brought the first group (Lyn, Joan & Tiffany) to the cute restaurant – With A Pinch of Salt in Tanjong Katong because Joan had been wanting to visit and I finally have time to bring her there! (:

It’s a place I used to pass by often when boss drove us for lunch when we were at the previous office, but I never had a chance to visit~ It’s really a cute restaurant with cute interior!


Even the cups are cute and colourful 😀



Decided to order some salad and side dish to share (:


Grilled Chicken Salad! ❤


Cheesy fries! ❤

Since we already have side dishes, I decided to order some sandwich as my main, thinking that it is safer. But it turned out to be 4 big pieces! x.x


Bacon & tuna sandwich! ❤

The food the over filled our tummies =/

Luckily the grumpy constipated girl helped to eat a little~
Though she was like grumpy throughout the day -.-“

Decided to head down to the new Katong mall to shop around to help digest our food a little, since none of us had explored the place yet. But shopping just makes the little girl even more grumpy~

So we decided to EAT again! (Now you know why my blog is full of food pictures ya? Haha!)
Finally get to have my Purimas (Puteri Mas) durian puffs!!!

It’s the durian puffs that I first tried during buddy’s 21st food tour and I have been wanting to patronise again but it’s always closed by the time I reach! So FINALLY! 😀


Yummy durian puffs!

Look at the durian oozing out xD

Cam-whoring with photo app again! Hehe.

Off to Serangoon Gardens for dinner with Kai Bin and girls! (:
Met up in Limin’s shop first and while waiting in the back room, I came up with this random idea of buying 4D together, since we have the counter right outside! LOL.

It’s the girls’ first time buying 4D! How innocent~
Now I feel like I am corrupting them…haha! But anyhow, we drew lots and somehow I forgot and wrote 10 as one of the digits, which was later drawn by Kai Bin! Hahahaha! Oops! xD

Headed over to Relish at MyVillage first while Abigail and Limin joined us after the latter has finished her work~

Ordered the same Soft Shell Crab Burger which I had the previous time! (:

Knowing that there bound to be a cake/dessert coming up, I tried to give away as much of my burger as possible…haha! But I was still surprised by the cake because it was suddenly served when I was ranting agitatedly! LOL.
It was the dessert that I was aiming for anyway…hehe!


Chocolate Molten Cake! ❤

We have 2 cakes because it’s a combined celebration for Kai Bin’s belated as well! 😀

Making wish together again! Hehe!

The most useful birthday gift from the girls! Because I asked for it xD
Saves the hassle for them troubling about what to buy for me and now I can also use them for my makeup brush and beauty products!

Oh then Abby got us obsessed with this  姓名测算 (Fortune-telling through your name) application because she changed her full name recently and all of us have bad names except Kai Bin =/

It’s kinda scary to read such thing because you don’t know to believe it or not. Some parts are really pretty accurate, especially the character part – 自尊心过强,不愿向别人低头,做人守原则不贪不取,性急而口齿伶俐,常在不知不觉中刺伤别人而引发反感。(Something about pride and dislike seeking help from others; follow rules; impatient and too blunt at words)

Anyway, thank you so much, my beloved girls! ❤



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