The West Day :D

Had a long Saturday again and started it off by visiting my favourite boy! But since Sis and Victor happened to be heading out for lunch with their friend (whom I know), I joined them for lunch instead (:

The chubby one opening his present from our neighbour! Hehe!

He is really good at it because he is good at grabbing things (e.g. my hair)! LOL.

Apart from new clothes, now he has a new set of cutlery too!
(Awwww~ Look at those fish balls-stuffed cheeks! xD )

Long House chicken rice for lunch and Victor’s plate was piled with rice from Sis and I! LOL. We gave like more than 3/4 of our rice to him =/

Went off for MINDS after that and it started raining heavily again! Hate it when it rains when I’m outside or about to go out…Zzzzz!

Took the wrong bus which made a longggg detour to Buangkok before heading to Hougang, but it’s the other side of Hougang! So ended up walking quite a distance before finally reaching MINDS -.-“

Taught the residents how to make paper Easter eggs this week! Second hour was games cum physical exercises and the cute resident that was attached to me last week came over to find me…so sweet! 😀

She was so happy when she found 2 items during the first game – treasure hunt! Haha! She may be an elderly but her childlike innocence makes her really adorable! (:

The next station was table tennis and the volunteers were all sweating even though we are not the ones playing! Cause we were busy picking up the balls like every second! LOL! Seriously tiring~

Explored the new mall – Greenwich V in Seletar area which I would never have known the existence of. It’s a nice and relaxing kind of mall with outdoor concept, which is a really good place to chill for the people living nearby! We need such a place in AMK =/

Off to the west and I found the nice brownie that I had in Korea in 1 of the Korean mart!!!

Randomly walked into Udders because I suddenly felt like eating ice-cream! Haha!


Mao Shan Wang Durian & Lychee Martini with waffle! 😀

The Mao Shan Wang in Udders is dope as always! Lychee Martini was good enough for my liking because I love Martinis and it tastes healthier since it’s sorbet…HAHA!

But not until the second ice-cream at Fat Cow Ice Cream Cafe! xD


Butterscotch & Lychee Vodka! ❤

At the end of the day, the unhealthy stuff still tastes better…LOL. The Lychee Vodka wins the “healthy” Lychee Martini sorbet hands down! And the night just became better because 吃雪糕,心情好! 😀

Othello game over ice-cream and as expected, I lost! Haha!
Never good at games, but I still enjoyed it! (:

Finally visited West Coast Park for the first time in my life and I’m amazed by all the boats floating on the sea because it somehow brings me back to the olden days of Singapore~

To be very honest, I didn’t even know such “fishermen’s lives” still exist here! Bimbotic much! LOL. But I’m pretty amazed~


The very bright (and big) moon (:

I don’t see a need for making up for anything because I’m not the kind that will look back or “hold a grudge for an “undesired” birthday celebration -.- All I know is I have enjoyed myself this time and that’s more important. Yup!

Now this makes me as guilty.

But it's gonna be my new ❤

(via thepapercranes.tumblr)


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