Dolly lashes~

Day 2 of shoot and luckily it started slightly later this time – 1oam, so I opted for the 1-hour bus ride to save on cab fare (:

Wrapped at around 2 plus and suddenly time passed so slowwwww when we were back to office =/
Rushed off early to head to Dempsey Hill! Nope, wasn’t there to drink this time round, but to help Joan for her job training!

She needed some models to do eyelash perming on and I agreed to help her since having curled eyelashes is definitely an advantage than disadvantage! Hehe.

She was so giggly as usual, even in front of her trainer! The whole process was supposed to be an hour though we exceeded quite a bit…haha! It was painless except for some slight discomfort when they have to tape your lashes (:

I have always thought that eyelash perming involves heat because “perming” just automatically links to heat, no? I even asked Joan if she would accidentally scald my eyelid and she was like, “Huh? Why will I? There is no heat!” Haha! It turned out that it’s all just chemical and glue~


If you compare it with the previous photo, you will realise my eyes are kinda rounder now~ Hoho! Although it’s not a perfect job (1 side is kinda curler than the other), I guess it’s good enough for a free job and it’s definitely better than my original “down slope” lashes!

They have the gentle curl and the Barbie Doll curl and I opted for the latter, which is curler! 😀

Accompanied Joan for her dinner after that before heading home to rest for Day 3 shoot~ Thank goodness the shoot timing is later and later each day, and it was 11.30am this time round!

Took the long bus ride again and in the end I was late again, thanks to the traffic again. Sigh~ Really need to have a better gauge of morning traffic after I have lost track of it for such a long time~

It’s obvious that too many things have been squeezed in 1 shoot and we were actually shooting for 5 different scripts! Zzzzz. I think the coordinator even thought of making us skip our lunch just to finish as much of the shoot -.-“

Mad hungry and we all kinda rejoiced the moment she asked, “Do you guys want a short break?” Though her reason was, “Because I have not had my lunch yet.” and I was like, “We have not too.” In the first place, we aren’t employed by them.

Managed to grab a quick lunch before continuing the shoot all the way till 6.30pm~ Did don’t know how many freaking different eye tests at the end of the day. Obviously we were still left with quite a fair bit but because they did not want to pay for more of our OT, they decided to push Monday’s call time earlier…Zzzzz.

Seriously, if you are rushing for the clips, that’s your problem, not ours.

Anyhow, impromptu meetup with Lyn after work since I was at Outram area. Traded soft breads for her Lao Ban beancurd! *slurp* Then decided to bring her to try this special cake which Lawrence recommended but I always couldn’t make it in time because it closes at 8pm!

Insisted on finding the way on my own using my map and we ended up walking the opposite direction! LOL! I guess Lyn really swore off not to trust my sense of direction anymore..hahahaha!

Finally managed to get there just they close, with the help of the walking-streetdirectory of course! Haha! But the flavours I wanna try are all sold out D:


Ever seen cakes in bottles? (:


Durian! 😀

Done with our cake and laughed our way to Chinatown to meet Joan! Attempted to look for her 21st outfit again along the way and it was a failed attempt again~

Me: The This Fashion here close down liao~

Lyn: Have meh? I didn’t know. I only know sago.

Me: Sago??? SOGO ah?

Lyn: Oh yah yah! SOGO!

Me: Sago -.- I still honeydew leh.


Accompanied Joan for her dinner at the same dim sum place but the whole atmosphere was so much better and peaceful this time! (:

Ever reminder.
(via quote-book.tumblr)


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