The Vow

Now that I have a fixed activity every Saturday – MINDS, I have to try to squeeze and plan my schedule well! So headed over to Billy’s place to touch up my hair colour again after more than 4 months! That’s the bad things about having such a high contrasting colour =/

Was late for MINDS, thanks to the rain again! The residents were already starting to make their paper wine chimes by the time I reached. But I still managed to make myself useful!

Impressed by some of their artworks, especially the one who drew the Superman logo! I definitely can’t do that by memory~ That’s the thing about them, they may be special but that doesn’t mean there is nothing that they are good at (:

Another hour of games with the residents before it’s the end of our session~ I hope they really look forward to see us every week, which I believe most of them are!

Finally watched The Vow! I was so looking forward for it to show!!!

Prepared tissuesssss because I know I will cried like crazy and I really did! In fact I already felt like tearing when they were reading the vows to each other! Haha! Super touching can?!

I can’t even imagine someone coming up with such a vow for me, let alone reading it to me! I bet I will be moved to tears right there! Now that’s the kind of expectation movies cause you to have~ In real life, which guy on earth would even use such a cute way of arranging berries to ask you to move in with him?! Even the prince in fairytale don’t have time to do that! Haha!

Anyway, their love is just mad sweet and because of that, the aftermath was just MAD SADDDDDD!!! It’s just so heartbreaking that I could cry a bucket if I wasn’t in the cinema!!! The person who once loved you so deeply only sees you as a complete stranger now, can you imagine that? </3

Such a depressing movie yet I’m totally loving it! I actually think it is as nice as my favourite movie – The Notebook! Don’t mind watching it over and over again and cry all over again! Haha!

My bee gifts! ❤

Now my phone finally has an earphone cap and I also have an atas-looking bee ring to fit my more mature outfits! Hehe!

Couldn't stop crying here.
(via black-sorrow.tumblr)


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