Last Celebration + First Practice @ Kranji Camp!

Had my last celebration with Joanjoan and Chienny and it seems like I only get to see them during birthdays! Boohoo~ I wanna be able to squeeze Joanjoan’s neck more often and admire Chienny’s golden watch xD

Initial plan was Marché lunch but I actually sacrificed that for the sake of NDP practice! Got the girls to go to NorthPoint instead so that I can spend more time with them before rushing off to Kranji Camp~

Pizza Hut for lunch because we were attracted by the cheesy mushrooms advertisement in the train! LOL. But it turned out to be very different from the picture and tasted okayyyyyyy =/

The stuffed crust Hawaiian pizza made up for it though! Just that 2 pieces are always more than enough to make you FULL!

But it’s still not enough to make us give up on the dessert! Love chocolate molten cake with ice-creammmmm~! The last time I had this was right before Korea trip! (:

Orange packet from the girls!
Joanjoan always has the weirdest angbao! xD


10 years of VJC ❤

Due to the ever longggggg waiting time at Pizza Hut (they are forever short-handed!!!), by the time we finished eating, it was time to rush off for practice x.x

Somehow I had this impression that Yishun and Kranji Camp (Yew Tee) is pretty near but no! Yew Tee is like crazily far~~~ But as usual, everything only officially started at close to 5pm.

Practised in the hall which was soooo stuffy and we wondered what’s the difference with practising at the headquarter then -.- The floor is equally hard anyway.


With Tiff during our short break! 😀

The hungry ghost gobbling up the an pan that I got for her while multi-tasking!

Dinner after like 1 hour of practice but I skipped it since I was still full from pizzas =/
The yellow chunk is enough to turn me off anyway~

After much feedback (which Cla sees it as complaints -.-“) from yours truly, our dear trainer who dotes on us so much arranged for us to train at the field while the others went back to the stuffy hall…hoho~

Taiji time!

Trained for another 1 hour plus before we were given an early dismissal! Most of them including the aunties actually didn’t mind practising for 1 more round! Love such spirit without the lazy bums around! (:

Belated birthday cake as promised from 1 of the group leaders – Jason!

I am surprised that he really got me the cakes because the rest were complaining about knowing him for so many years but never once received a cake for their birthdays…haha! Yes, I am honoured to have pretty good 人缘 despite being a new bird! But sometimes it’s really not a good thing and I miss how I started off with such a low profile…haha!

Bruises after week 2 practice!
Much better compared to last week because it’s only caused by first half of the practice (in the hall)~

Mad stickyyyyyyyyy and stinkyyyyyyyy after that!
Felt like I was 1 of those foreign workers in the train =/



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