Our Atas Date~

Finally a no-shoot day for me but poor colleagues were exhausted from climbing up and down the polyclinic since 9.30am =/

Met buddy and Shi Min after work for some serious business and I spotted something familiar while waiting for the 2 late birds~

After which, I brought them to 1-Caramel, which buddy has been bugging me to bring him there. I know they are the kind that will appreciate such ambience anyway (:


Mango & Strawberry ice-blend!


Strawberry shortcake that we can't miss out~


And Red Velvet for the first time! (:

The cakes there never go wrong somehow! And the food that Shi Min ordered was pretty good too! It’s rare that the 2 fussy ones are giving good comments okay~ Haha!

Joke of the night:

Me: I am going to laser off my dark eye circles~

Soon Song: My sis bought a product recently… For dark wrinkles also.

Me: Dark wrinkles?!?!

Laughed till I almost couldn’t catch my breath! HAHAHAHAHA!

(via icanread.tumblr)


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