Panic attack.

Super long and tiring working day! Spent 3 hours in office before heading out to Holland Village for colleagues’ lunch at Wendy’s. Luckily I brought my own lunch because I’m really not a fan of fast food =/

Spent a total of 4 hours there planning our shots for the next day’s shoot! Can’t believe we are doing this so last-minute but the consecutive shoots had sucked up all our time! Zzzzz. April is seriously a busy month for us~

Anyhow, after we finally finished at 7pm, that’s not all. We had to shop for clothes and some props/makeup for the shoot as well! Spent like don’t know how long in that Song & Song cheap clothes shop because we had a hard time choosing! Felt like fainting from hunger and fatigue D:

Finally finished everything at around 8 plus and I actually thought of getting a strudel to cheer myself up, but eventually I was too tired and decided to head home instead. So just when I was happily waiting for the bus at Marymount, I had a panic attack.

My bee earphone cap is gone!!! I tried to convince myself that it must have dropped in my bag again because it happened a few days ago, but after digging through, it’s not in there!!!

The thing is if it’s something I bought for myself, I can always get another one to replace. But it’s not! And some things just can’t be replaced so easily.

So I actually decided to go all the way back to Holland Village, taking back the exact same path and looking around at the escalators, lift and areas that I went to! I was praying so hard to find it though I know it’s like 海底捞针 because the bee is so mini!

This totally reminded me of my “dark forest experience” which I lost something very important as well and went all the way back to the place to search for it, then landed myself in a dark forest. The same panic attack; the same silly belief. Déjà vu max.

So anyway, I really looked out for every corner and walked back all the paths that I had taken. I had a strong feeling it was in the Song & Song shop though, since we spent a long time in there and I was holding on to my phone. So that was the first place I headed back to.

Walked 1 round in the shop and flipping through the clothes to check the floor but couldn’t find it! Super sad because that place was actually where I pinned all my hope on! Nevertheless, I left my number since the auntie said they might find it when they sweep the floor the next morning.

That was the only shop I left my number by the way. I just have a strong feeling that it’s in there! And luckily my mini bee is very similar to my bee ring, so I could at least describe to them what to look out for…

Checked out all the other shops that we went to but there was no sign of my bee too D:
Was really giving up hope and totally depressed (plus hungry!!!), so I decided to get a bread before I head back…

Then just when I was paying up, the auntie from the shop called and said they found it!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGG. Can you imagine how happy and amazed I was?! First it’s such a miniature thing to be searched in the entire Holland Village! Then it’s really where my instinct told me it was at!!!

I guess the staff there could see that I was desperate to find it that they started looking for it after I left and it was really at 1 of the rows of clothes! Mad happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


Sorry mini bee, I won't lose you again x.x

It may sound crazy and out of mind for someone to trace back all the way to find this, but that’s because no one can understand how much this means to me. The idea of losing a gift after less than a week is bad enough, let alone such a precious one.

(via jellynaeb.tumblr)


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