Artistic Day @ Brotzeit!

Cramps for the whole night and then followed by the whole day; couldn’t even stand up straight. Dragged myself down for an important shoot, the one we spent the entire day on the previous day~


Blue screen photo shoot!

I was basically arranging what shot to do next and making sure we did not miss out any; felt like I am back to my Producer role in school days~ I actually think I can do that quite well, as in logistics and etc. After all I have always been the Producer for the projects, just that it’s not of my interest =/

Anyway, managed to finish by the targeted time and boss decided to have a mini celebration to reward us for the hard work after so many consecutive days of shoot! Hehe! Love the fact that he really appreciates us a lot!

Off to Brotzeit at 313 and I knew I’m gonna have a hard time choosing my drinks because it’s a beer place! So I went for white wine in the end…haha!

I actually love white wine more than red wine! (:



Enjoying our bonding moments!

With the male side! (Spot the difference in the photo…haha! I made the guys look 10 years younger xD )

Then Wilson started taking “artistic” photos with the different apps in his phone and getting so proud over them! Haha!

In case you are wondering, it’s just hair extension on Reiko’s hair..hehe.

And then I took an artistic shot of him as well! xD

I was trying to do the 喜怒哀乐 expressions but we look drunk in the last one! Especially Reiko…LOL.

Candid “artistic” shot by Wilson! We were so busy taking artistic shots that none of us took a photo of the food!

Okay, at least we have a picture of the dessert! Hehe.

Did not dare to eat too full because I was having training after that! But I ate like 80% of the salad…hahaha! Just love salad so much but it’s always so bo hua to order salad =/

Anyhow, group shots from 2 different views!

Felt sorry and so 扫兴 for having to rush off for training, but I really don’t wanna miss it again. Training after some alcohol wasn’t bad anyway! I was indeed a little high and energetic! Haha!

Mr Lame almost 被我气死 because I couldn’t stop talking back, as usual. But he actually said he wouldn’t blame me for saying anything because I am on alcohol! Makes me wanna drink even more every week~

Anyway I was just full of nonsense during the training because there were only 3 of us! How sad~ And I yawned so loud naturally then Mr Lame wanted to kill me for that =/

Sleepy must yawn whatttttttttttt. But that yawn became so contagious that I couldn’t stop yawning after that and all I remember for the last combo was 12 punches + yawn. ROFL. You can imagine how gek my “dearest” coach was~

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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