Leisure time!

Shots taken during our blue-screen shoot!
Playing around while waiting for the talents (who were late!) xD

Favourite pose ever.

Super busy Friday because I thought I will be rather free while digitising the 3 tapes, so I volunteered to take over Wilson to help boss in preparing the playlist. Ended up multi-tasking like mad because the digitisation kept having error and I had a hard time dealing with the playlist too!

Doesn’t help that there were some clips with error and boss gotta leave soon! x.x
In the end the copying took too long and he decided to come back the next day to collect~ Rushed like mad and finally completed it!

Off for present hunt after that~! Went to so many shops in ION but just couldn’t find a perfect one!

Off to The Foundry for some pizza followed by drinks + live music @ Dempsey (:


My Crystal Jade is damn niceeeeeeeeee!

Had a good Friday night and Saturday ain’t too bad too! (:
Because my dream might be coming true! Not fully, but partially~

I am officially going to get rid of my panda eyes!!!

I have always been wanting to go for laser treatment but I don’t know which to trust. Then recently Kaykay tweeted about hers and highly raved about the result of just 1 session! Non-advertorial by the way!

So I was rather determined to give it a try as well and you don’t know how excited I was for the consultation! I kinda know that I will more or less go for it no matter what’s the outcome of the consultation!

Even Germain knows how much I wanna get rid of them!!!

According to the doctor, mine is due to very obvious veins at the eye area, which there is no solution for. There is just not 100% solution for dark eye circles if it is genetic. Yea very sad to hear that and very annoyed by all the veins, because even my cheeks have super obvious veins!

But the laser can help to discolour the parts caused by pigmentation and blah blah blah, which might only be 20-30% of it; the same percentage when I consulted the previous doctor, who encouraged me to go for surgery instead.

But because there is bound to be risk for surgery, I had been hesitating about it. Now that there is this treatment which is of the same percentage, but NO RISK OR SIDE EFFECTS at all, of course I would choose this!

Not to mention, the hole burnt in my pocket is equally big lah x.x
Seriously super super super broke for this month and probably next month as well; it’s really quite a BIG hole. But for the sake of dream…yea~

Excited for my first session now! Of course I wish the treatment can help as much as possible, but if it can go up to 60-70%, I guess I am happy enough!

So anyhow, continued the present hunt which was another futile trip before heading off for MINDS. Was warmly welcomed by the other volunteers because the NUS students are off for study break and we are lack of volunteers! They thought there would only be 4 of them…haha!

Made paper topspin with the residents and then second hour was dance! I was amazed that most of the residents know and remember all the steps for the songs! I was totally lost instead~

Ye Hui kept asking me to lead the dance or choreograph something because I look like the clubber type! LOL. I think the residents are the potential clubbers! Could see that they were having a good time and some of them are really good at it! (:

Ended the night with 4 hours of K at Yishun Safra Club!

Had been wanting to singggggg for weeks but K is so damn ex and I am trying to save moolah~ Now I really need to save even more!!! Less outings and leisure activities I guess x.x

But the thought of going home after work… Errrrrrr

(via happythings.tumblr)


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