Weird giraffe!

Was intending to make full use of my Sunday and drop by Sis’s house first to pass her the toy that my mum bought for Isaac before heading to Kranji Camp for practice~ But it turned out that the toy is such a joke!!! LOL.

My brother and I started playing with it and we couldn’t stop laughing! The weird music was stuck in my head after that! What a music for babies?!

Then Sis decided to come over instead and I shared the JOKE with her! Everyone couldn’t stop laughing except Isaac, who was totally bewildered that everyone was laughing at his new toy!

But till now we have no idea whether he actually likes the toy or not. At first he was so eager for the weird giraffe to walk over to him, but later on when it did, he tried to kick it away/make it fall/mute the noisy music by covering the speaker! Hahahahaha!

Totally laughed our asses off! xD
But we can foresee that the toy will soon be destroyed by him in no time..haha!


Riding on the giraffe~


Disfiguring it~

Forced him to cam-whore with me again! LOL.
Look at his grumpy face xD

Off for practice and it’s really not a good idea to reach on time =/
Finally started rehearsing in the stuffy hall after waiting for more than 30 minutes~

Only ran through like 1-2 rounds before we were called in for costume measurement~ I seriously hope what we tried out is not what we gonna be wearing -.- It’s yet another joke.

But anyway, it’s gonna be a long dress…Zzzzz.

Me: I’m gonna alter it! It’s too long~

Cla: You have already worn pants last year. What’s worse?


Right after costume-fitting, it was dinner time~!
Finally no rice! Hoho~

Then off to the parade square to start on our formations! I feel that everything is going faster this year, which is good I suppose! (:

But sadly, 老天爷 was not in a good mood and it started raining! Back to the stuffy hall that is~ Learned all the dances for the other ethnic groups and everything was okayyyyyy until the Indian dance comes in! T.T

We were totally lostttttt from then on! At least Lyn and I were…Zzzzz. Lyn even said something like, “Can I don’t learn anymore?” Totally gets how she feels because I was pretty demoralised too!

May practice makes perfect then~

(via octoberr-19thh.tumblr)


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