NEW Mall~

Woke up earlier for brunch because we were supposed to have lunch before the noon shoot, and I was already craving for the nice carrot cake at the garden place since the previous night! Hehe.

But it was not opened yet D:


Plan B! 😀

Was trying to get something to bring for shoot just in case I get hungry halfway through, then I walked past this gim zhua diam (shop selling joss sticks and papers) and spotted 1 of my favourite biscuits! xD

“Ehhh can I buy this??? Is it okay to buy from here?”

“You sure you wanna get this ah??? Get that one luh… *points to a more decent-looking package which even comes with a GOLD BAR inside*”


Off for shoot and after that incident, I really feel so reluctant when it’s that department’s shoot! But it’s not as though we get to choose…Zzzzz.

Anyhow, that’s Reiko with my Rilakkuma bag!
Honestly, I think she looks better with it –bawl– T.T

Got tricked to this new mall – ARC after work for someone to prove an argument that was misled on purpose from the start -.- Pot calling kettle sore loser leh!

If a person tells you there is a new mall and starts describing what’s there, obviously you will think he/she is talking about the same place and guess based on the description right?! Who cares if that’s a business city and not a new mall right??? Zzzzz!

Sometimes it’s not that I wanna win, but it’s more of I want the other party to admit loss -.-“

Anyhowwwwww~ Tried a new cafe – Sugar N Spice!

The lychee frosty is niceeeeeeeee~~~
I stole many sips despite saying I don’t want any drinks…hahaha!


Vietnamese rolls!

Not a fan of creamy pasta but it’s mushroommmmmmmmmmm~~~

My awesome choice of their signature Black & White Brownie with rum ice-cream! xD

吃饱饱 time to 晒月光~
Off to explore the renovated Labrador Park!

It’s sad to know that they have decided to close down the jetty! I thought that’s like one of Labrador Park‘s icons!

I still remember coming here for photography sessions 6 years ago =O
I think these 2 were taken there~

Very much embarrassed to re-post this photo but at least I once took a picture there! LOL.

Keppel Bay next!



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