First Laser Cryo session!

Set off for town early in the morning with my naked face (but with shades) for my first laser treatment! Cho~ excited! 😀

Okay lah. This was after the session; with makeup on. LOL.

I waited for like 40 minutes or more before I finally started my session though =/
The equipment looks a little like what the dentists use!

In fact the process felt a little like a dental treatment! Except that it’s for the eyes and there is only slightttttttt pain! It’s like pins poking you kind of pain~ I think there is numbing cream for it but somehow I wasn’t asked to put.

It was a fast session and there is this chao tah (burnt) smell after that, which is normal because Kaykay mentioned about it too. Off for the next treatment – Cryo, which is some whitening treatment + massage for the eyes! (:

I couldn’t really see if there is any difference right there and then but when I got home, I don’t know if it’s psychological or what, but I really kinda see improvement leh! Makes me real excited for the next session! Hehe!

Off to Orchard Central to redeem my free breakfast! 😀

It’s actually part of the birthday gift from Orchard Central which includes a Ya Kun voucher! Just nice for the broke~ Supposed to be breakfast but by the time I redeemed it, it became my lunch as well…hehe.

Decided to fulfill Ah Lyn’s wish of getting Lao Ban and I just realised we can actually call and order instead of queuing! But the auntie refused to pick my call (I seriously think she banned my number for spam-calling) and I decided to try the Maxwell outlet instead, since it’s nearer and the queue is much shorter I heard (:

Indeed! The queue was pretty short as compared to Old Airport Road outlet~ Probably only around 3-4 groups of people in the queue. But the first batch had already sold out by then and we had to wait till 8pm for the next batch!

Decided to camp near the stall while Lyn eats her prawn noodle…hiak hiak~

Bought gem biscuits again! 😀
This time not from gim zhua diam but proper biscuit stall…haha!

Wanted to get the nice soft bread but the little girl bought it for me beforehand again -.-“

Rushed to join the queue because people had already started queuing before it reopened! More kiasu than us eh!


17 Lao Ban beancurds! 😀

Lyn: Where are we going now?

Me: Hmmmm…I wanna go eat the wingless chicken! But you still can eat meh?!

Lyn: Can~~~!

Me: Wait… Wingless chicken?!?!

It’s supposed to be boneless chicken! HAHAHAHA!

So off to Sugar Granny Cafe for our wingless chicken! xD

This is my first time to really try it even though I remember Shrine and Kai ordered this before~ It’s nice and easy to eat! Now you can eat chicken wings glam-ly! Haha!

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


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