Custard Buns Feast! :D

Totally forgot about my lunch this morning and hence I didn’t know what to eat in the noon! The food at the kiosk is kinda expensive and has limited choices =/

BUT. Custard buns delivery~! Teehee~~~

There are 2 kinds of custard buns if you guys don’t know. One is the 流沙包 which means the filling will flow (usually contains salted egg yolk) and the other is the normal custard aka 奶黄~

Starting with my favourite 流沙包 first! 😀
The filling is nice but it’s way too little for it to flow out of the bun! Haha!

On contrary, the big 奶黄包’s filling is so much more and I actually prefer this! Though it doesn’t flow…hehe. Felt like I just did a report on custard buns xD

Bugis for present hunt again and it was againnnnn a wasted trip. Sigh! Like I always tell Chii Hian – 不男不女的东西真的很难找 leh! =/

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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