Outfit-hunt @ JB!

Woke up super early to join Sis and Vic for JB trip! 😀

I don’t even know when was the last time I joined them for that but it’s definitely before Isaac was born! I think it could have even been more than a year! Totally miss driving in because I get to go out of City Square! Hehe!

So looking forward to it and even asked Lyn along since we were supposed to cross the border to try our luck for her birthday outfit~ So we set off early in the morning to avoid the jam (:

In the end there was still drive at the causeway and we decided to opt for Second Link instead, which means Sutera Mall instead of KSL! I don’t mind either because Sutera Mall means I get to visit buddy’s dad’s shop and eat shaved ice! Haha!

Went straight to their shop once we reached! xD

Buddy’s dad was so happy to see me as usual! Whahahaha~
He kept saying it’s been very long since I went over and I complained about buddy not wanting to bring me over -.- Which is true!

Even Ha Mama was there!

Tried her mee hoon kueh for lunch since buddy told me to try~
I realised this is the first time I am trying his mum’s cooking after 18 years! xD

Durian shaved ice which was not launched yet the previous time we were here! Shiok~

Soon Weng was saying he wanna lose weight and the next moment he sat beside me with this big pile of bee hoon! The picture is not doing justice but it’s really a biggg pile! LOL!

Done with lunch and dessert, time for shopping! 😀

Spotted the bigger version of my bee Rilakkuma bag! But mine is cuter right! Hehe!

By the time Sis messaged to say that they finished the mall, Lyn and I were not even done with the first level! =O
So they headed for grocery shopping at another mall first before coming back for us~

At the end of the day, I managed to get a top and a skirt (both at super cheap price!!!) while Lyn spent all her money on food, as usual -_____-|||

She even went back for her second bowl of mee hoon kueh after our shopping!!!


Mango shaved ice! 😀

Ordered muah chee and they gave us a lot! =/

Brother Weng making ice~

Me: *looking at him making ice* Eh why their mango so big ours so small! Eh? Is that mango or ice???

Soon Weng: Mango mango! I didn’t know after 23 years, you don’t know how mango looks like!


Waited for Sis and Vic at the shop and they finally came back for us!
Off for car wash before heading back to Singapore at around 7~

Lyn went off for her birthday party but it’s still too early for me to end the Saturday night! Hehe!
Tried 吃你豆腐 for the first time! It’s smooth and nice!!! But I still prefer Lao Ban 😛

Happy Daze for a drink and SOCCER! I think this is the first time I finished watching a match and even remember the score – Wigan VS Newcastle 4-0! LOL. Thanks to the comfy sofa xD


Nice Mojito! 😀

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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