Happy Burger! :D

Little Burger came over again this week and even though it’s just for a week, I still miss him! ❤


Lying with Poohpooh! 😀

It may be unbelievable but he actually recognises Pooh (because my Sis has many at home) and whenever he sees one, he will try to utter “Pooh!” Amazing for a 7-month old baby!


"I am smart! *bleah!*"


Show you all my teeth! I have 2 now!

And then something caught his attention =O

He is cho~ happy to see it!!! xD

And the secret of making him look into the camera and smile is actually my Rilakkuma phone! Hehe!


❤ ❤ ❤


Check out my new bag! xD

Forcing him to cam-whore again but because I was using the front camera, he couldn’t see the Rilakkuma and did not smile D:

Off for NDP practice again and I had already planned to go late this week so that I wouldn’t be wasting my time waiting~ But it so happened that Lyn and Tiff were even later than me! LOL.

So the 3 of us marched in “gloriously” while everyone was already in the midst of dancing! =/
They started earlier this week…Zzzzz.

Anyhow, went through the different ethnic dances again and I was totally lostttttttttt!!! Just followed the people in front of me blindly and still couldn’t catch some of the Indian steps!

Luckily the trainers decided to go through the ethnic dances step-by-step again and it was definitely better after that, though I am still not 100% familarised with the steps as compared to the Chinese dance~

Break for dinner and since it was rice, I decided not to take it so as to not waste it.
Then the drama king joined and made the PMS-ing Ah Lyn tear =XXXX

Off to the parade square for formations!


Cam-whoring away while waiting for instructions xD


With the little one behind me!

Chewing on my gums~

The aunties were gossiping when Cla came by to pass us chocolates -.- So I took this on purpose to show that it’s just chocolate!!! Zzzzz. Gossip aunties are always sibei eng~

Managed to run through 2 formations before we ended off our practice!

Off to Ten Mile Junction‘s Kungfu Paradise for fooddddddd and desserts because I was hungry right after skipping the dinner! LOL. Geh kiang.


Lava cake is always so good!

Mango shaved ice again! But Lyn concluded that it’s not comparable with buddy’s daddy’s shop! Haha!

Last but not least, how can we miss out the custard buns when we are at Kungfu Paradise?! xD

How can anyone resist this! OMG.

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)

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