JCube & Bishan Park night trail!

Woke up pretty early again but this time round it’s due to my own stupidity of forgetting to reset my alarm -.- Or maybe it’s fated because I was supposed to head out early to help Sis spend her Robinsons vouchers, which were expiring on the day.

Junk food-shopping at Marks & Spencer has never been so shiok before because I only paid 40 cents in the end..haha! Can’t wait to pass Sis the goodies though it’s only a few items; the things are quite pricey =/

Off for work and only managed to leave office at close to 8pm! Rushed down to JCube as planned, except that I didn’t have to go alone because buddy and Gui actually agreed to accompany me!

Surprise surprise because Gui usually complains about distance and they actually agreed to come all the way to the west to accompany me for present hunt! (:

Superrrrr late as a result and only joined them after their dinner. The gong couple – Kai and Winnie joined us too! It’s been quite long since I last met them~


Giant Rilakkuma! 😀


Big Kuma and small Kuma! Hehe!

Did not really manage to cover the mall and the shops already started closing =/
But the important thing is I FINALLY found the desired present!!! Kudos to XXX~

Left the mall after the guys finished their ice-cream and while heading back, buddy mentioned about hanging out at Bishan Park since it’s too early for home on a PH eve, which I agree! Hehe.

So we dropped off at Bishan instead and the guys got their beer while I stayed alcohol-free~ Off for our night trail!


Guessing whether it's leech or not~

My retarded buddy~

Oh he has switched to Galaxy Note and officially joined Shrine and my galaxy! Now I have 1 more person that I have to lend my portable charger to..tsk!

Chit-chat session again which lasted till past 2am! Mainly about financial status…hmmmm. It’s been some time we have such long chat (:

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


One thought on “JCube & Bishan Park night trail!

  1. U can have the Marks & Spencer goodies.. no need to pass to me lah 🙂
    Just wanna ask u help to spend the voucher since it’s expiring and we dun hav the time to go town area

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