Drenched trail @ Punggol Waterfront!

Had a good 8 hours of sleep to replenish my energy for the day! No confirmed plan but the guys did mention about trekking while we were at Bishan Park the previous night~

And because I also randomly mentioned about bak kut teh, the 3 musketeers met up again 10 hours later for the one at my house market! It’s been at least 10 years since I last ate there and I miss those days! (:

Still as popular!

The guys went to queue while I chope the seat~ I did offer to take over Gui but I got scolded instead because as usual, he dotes on me too much to let me queue! Haha!

Me: 我绑头发比较好看还是不要绑?

Buddy: 不要绑。

Me: 为什么?

Buddy: You asked me a question, I merely answer it.

Me: 可是我很热~

Buddy: Then 就绑 lor.

LOLOLOL. I think this sounds like a typical boy-girl conversation!


Yay~! 😀

I love the soup and the 酶菜! I think I repeated at least 5 times that I want the 酶菜 that the 2 of the them were like, “Hannah hannah!!!” LOL.

吃饱饱, off for trekking!
Buddy wanted to bring us to Bukit Timah to trek since it was already quite late for long trails~ But shortly after we boarded the bus, we changed plan to Punggol Waterfront so that Shrine would join!

I can’t believe he actually came in such … casual outfit…LOL.
Anyhow, first time to actually explore Punggol Waterfront in the day time! (:

Would be lovely if we could catch the sunset!

Crossing to the other end~

Still cam-whoring while the guys were far ahead! =/

Buddy was excited to bring us to this “MV place” which he kept claiming that it feels like one of 蔡淳佳’s MV. Errrrrr…how come I have no impression of it? LOL.

But I shall try to take some “MV” shots then~

Sleep-walking…LOL. Just look at this outfit! =/

Gui did some nonsensical pose again and to prevent me from posting on Facebook, he agreed to pose for another xD

But that was too sissy and he decided that this makes him look more macho…LOL.

Making face because I took photos for them but none of them bothered to take for me! Guys..tsk tsk.


My "MV" shot...ROFL.

Just when we crossed back to the other side again and was about to continue our trail, it started pouring!!! The egoistic guys claimed that they are okay to walk under the rain but the next second, Shrine and Gui were hiding below some trees! LOL!

It’s kinda stupid to stay there because it didn’t seem like the rain will stop anytime soon. So we decided to continue walking under the heavy rain till we reach the shelter!

Took off our shoes halfway through because wet shoes are disgusting (that’s why I hate rainy days!) but it was quite fun in a way…haha! It’s like how sometimes you just feel like dancing in the rain! (:

Finally reached the restaurants area and we were all drenched from head to toe!!!

Unfortunately, I was wearing a white shirt =/

My buddy had transformed into some terrorist~

And my 姐妹 transformed into his dad with his new centre-parting! LOL.

Playing with the little boy inside with my Rilakkuma! xD

The rain got heavier and heavier that it started splashing on us and we decided to move in! But we all ended up shivering inside! LOL.


Fuel to keep us warm!

Told the guys to spot the difference between these 2 photos and all 3 of them couldn’t!!! Am I the only one who can?! And after I revealed that the one on the right has effect that makes my skin looks smoother, they all LOL-ed -.- Guys! Tsk.

Then Shrine and I were talking about something (I can’t remember what) but he was asking me about something he bought/chose…

Me: *sarcastically* Okay ah~ 你选的我都喜欢 (:

Shrine: *sarcastic back* 这个裤子你要不要买?我选的 leh.

He was referring to his lok-kok pants! LOLOL.

Waited till the rain finally stopped at 7+ before heading home! The train felt extra cold and it was so shiok after a hot shower! What a Labour Day~!

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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