Finally settled the presents after another present-hunt trip after work! Now I have 1 less thing to worry about, though I am still super worried about the cake! I just hope it’s not another episode of Zee’s birthday x.x

But isn’t it annoying when someone asked if you wanna share a present, but you end up being the one going around to search for it – never mind. Then this person set a budget of 20 bucks, which limits the choices – never mind.

Finally found the desirable present but it was way too cheap as a 21st present (especially when there are 6 people sharing), so I suggested buying 1 more item and try to keep within the $20 budget – all agreed.

Budget exceeded so I got the rest to agree to chip in a little more in order to get a more decent present (which is more important) – all agree and everything is bought; settled – this person changed the budget to 15 bucks.

Don’t you feel a little cheated?!

It’s not so much about the money but the fact that I was the one going through all the trouble for this present-hunt and now that everything is finally settled, I have to be the buay paiseh one that ask the rest to top up money again when I am not the one who gathered everyone to share in the first place!

Argh! Feel like I am asked in the first place so that I can be the one to go search for it, which I DO NOT MIND if not for all these bullshit. I could have bought the stuff on my own instead of having to go through all these! Now I feel so used. 好人难做就是这样!!!

A little ❤ from Bro~


One thought on “Used.

  1. 6 person sharing a present with $20 budget which means $3+ per person and that person still wanna reduced to $15???!!! wth!!!!!!! Totally insincere!!! Ask him or her to go buy the present himself/herself!!! I rather dun want this kinda SHITTY SHIT fren!! 只会利用人!!

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