Lyn's 21st Celebration!

The little one has officially turned 21 and it was really hard trying to surprise her because she doesn’t act blur when it comes to times like this. Instead, she would keep asking you this and that to try finding “loopholes” in your plan -.-“

Rushed down to pre-order her mini surprise from me before meeting her and everything was pretty chaotic after that. Lots of SMS-exchange with Joan as the initial plan was scrapped off due to Tiff’s last minute absence~

Doesn’t help that the birthday girl’s face turned black after I rejected her Sakae treat!
I was purely eating because it’s her birthday and I am “giving face“; I wasn’t expecting any treat or neither do I think there is a need for one -.- I think appreciation is in the heart, and she has treated me and bought me enough stuff!

Anyhow, the huge bowl of sashimi salad that killed me =/


Ebi fry~


Hotate sushi!
Nice but I was too FULL!

Tried to drag the time till Joan finished work and managed to leave her surprise at Swensen’s~ The poor girl gotta rush and walk so fast, yet even got threatened by the birthday girl that she’s going home if she doesn’t appear -.-“

Managed to get away from Swensen’s to collect my surprise! But it still wasn’t easy for the surprise because they were sitting way too close to the counter for me to ask for the cake! Zzzzzz.

Doesn’t help that the birthday girl kept looking around, trying to avoid any “unexpected things” -.- Why people cannot just cooperate and act blur a bit ah?! Tsk.

So in the end I decided to surprise her with mine first to distract her a little while I ask for the cake that Joan had left with them~ She kept laughing at my “cake” for her!!! xD

I realised I really CANNOT trust restaurant staff to handle birthday surprises! I asked Staff A for the cake and she was totally blur. So Staff B offered to help instead and they ended up speaking so loudly!

Me: Erm… Can you don’t make it so obvious? As in don’t let the birthday girl knows…

Staff B: I know, I know. (Continues explaining their Halal rule)

Next minute, Staff B placed the cake, which is still in the box on our table!!!!!!!! HOW STUPID OMGGGGGGG! It’s a total déjà vu of my celebration with Colin and Gek Peng at Ichiban Boshi!!! I seriously thought that was the only dumb staff…Zzzzz!

Nevertheless, it’s Joan’s effort after all!


Super nice Canelé cake!

And here is my “special cake” for Ah Lyn~! Our favourite custard buns!!! HAHAHAHA!

This time round she paused for photo-taking! (:

With her “cakes“! 😀

And then one more from Swensen’s, just like Joan’s birthday celebration!

With the birthday girl!


3 of us! 😀


Failed surprise but as long as the birthday girl enjoyed! (:



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