Spinach dipppppppp!

Dragged myself out of bed because we have morning shoot again~! Zzzzz.
Luckily the location is much nearer as compared to SGH~

Started the morning with a sweettttttt cupcake from Ah Lyn the previous night! Few days ago I just saw a tweet or Facebook status about Twelve Cupcakes and never did I expect that I would get to try it! Hehe!

Nice!!!!!!!! 😀

You see, this kind of small gesture is enough to show your appreciation (:
Off to IMH for shoot~!

Despite it being near, I was so lost but I didn’t dare to ask for direction =/
I actually walked one big round before I finally found my way and boss even called to give me directions when he drove past me…haha!

Bee cake!!! 😀

Met up with Mr Owwwww for catch-up session together with Yinning! The venue was Applebee’s because Yinning and I were dying to have the spinach dip again!!! xD

In fact I only took photo of this and not our main course because this is what I’m there for! Hahaha! I’m gonna marry whoever that can make this dip!!! Nah..just kidding!

❤ ❤ ❤

Oh Mr Ow was sharing with us that he saw this obituary (apparently reading the obituary is his latest pastime) that requested the guests to dress up in bright outfits instead of black. So instead of a somber funeral, it was supposed to be like a party~

Interesting! I want mine to be like this too! Haha!

Mr Ow: I also want something like that… Must have music… Storytelling…

Me: Dong dong chiang is also music what!


Had a good time because he is not just my best teacher-friend, but also a great mentor in life! (:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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