The LIE.

Company lunch again~ Which means I only spent $3.70 for lunch this week (:

Apple juiceeeeee~
I still prefer fresh 100% juices.

Needed something “sour” because I was feeling nauseous after the ride to Vivo then Great World with an empty stomach (boss misheard Great World City as Vivocity), so seafood tomato-based pasta that is~

Splurged on macarons to cheer myself up! More expensive than my whole week’s lunch…haha!

The guys wanted to head out and I said I need alcohol, so after much dilly-dally, I finally met them and brought them to Union Square since there is cheap alcohol there~ And good music!!!

I was kiasu and ordered 2 drinks this time round before I miss the happy hour again. But the Mojito didn’t taste the same somehow and the guys think it’s so bad that the remaining 10ml became the forfeit -.-“

Added one more Jägerbomb after tasting buddy’s and it’s so niceeeeee!

We probably kinda stood out because we were like the youngest group there =/
The crowd is mostly aunties and uncles, but real hip ones!

You will be impressed by the way they sashay on the dance floor~

Played our usual dice game and somehow the 3 of them kept laughing at me whenever I shout my bet! In the end I realised it’s because the numbers I shout is usually what they don’t have at all, but probably they did not want me to drink so much, so they did not expose me T.T

Finished our drinks and I agreed on ordering the Japanese beer to carry on the game because since the guys were accompanying me to drink (despite Gui’s limited income), I did not wanna be a spoiler. It was still pretty early anyway~

Had a good time distracting myself and the guys never failed to make me laugh so hard. Our favourite line of the night was, “我一定抓你的!” and it’s always directed at Shrine, making him stressed and unsure whether to take the risk to expose the previous player – Gui…haha!

Managed to catch the last train back and bumped into my brother, who scared me from the back -.- I thought which drunkard collapsed on me or was trying to play nonsensical stunts! Even Gui jumped up! LOL.

Back home; back to reality. Thought I could have a good sleep after those alcohol but it did not happen.
At least I made things easier.

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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