Good Girls Go Bad

Finally back to MINDS after 2 weeks!
Miss the residents and mingling with them (:

This week we guided them to make houses!

It is a little challenging because they need to decorate the top layer and bottom layer of the papers before sticking them together~


Sample piece!


Resident’s piece!


Resident’s piece #2!

Some of them are really talented and perfectionist while some are more impatient when it comes to artwork. But ultimately as long as they are making something out of it, it’s good enough (:

Second hour was games and there were a total of 4 stations! Luckily we had many volunteers from the JCs these few weeks, if not it will be really messy for us to handle all the residents for so many games~

Then there were these 3 guys handling this cute resident who kept hugging on to his 1.5 litre bottle during the games, so they tried to persuade him to put it down at every station but failed!

3 guys: *surrounding the resident* Put down the bottle first… We play games first okay?

Resident: *hug onto the bottle and refuse to let go*

Me: *in Hokkien* Pang diao seng… Tan eh zah gia hor? (Put down first, we’ll take it later, okay?) *take his bottle away easily*

3 guys: *stunned*

Hahaha! At times like this, I am really glad that my broken Hokkien comes in handy xD

But that resident is really cute and we all loveeee the way he runs! Except that he is one of those that are lazy to run, so he would walk for shuttle run and I had to run beside him to make him run! LOL.

Seriously a great workout for the residents as well…haha!
But it was really quite a fun and fruitful session with them (((((:

Needed some tranquility from the sea, so off to the east~
Stayed for 1 hour plus before making the impromptu decision of joining Jun Min at some bar in Marina Mandarin~

Other than that time at KBox, this is my first official time to drink with this secondary school senior of mine~ After all I have pangseh-ed him enough times, so I decided to go this time round since I didn’t mind some alcohol and good music (:

According to Jun Min, the bar is not very popular and it was only crowded that night because it’s one of the singers’ last day and another one’s birthday~ Didn’t really bother me about the crowd because I was enjoying the music most of the time!

The unique part is most of the singers are Taiwanese and of course the songs are mainly Chinese songs, which I don’t mind at all. In fact I started typing down lyrics of a few songs so that I can go home to search for them! Haha!

Thank goodness I drank real slow, because I think I drank quite a bit?

Jun Min’s friend kept coming and going and to be honest, I remember none of their names =/
Or maybe just 1 or 2 of them because it was also too noisy to hear clearly and I am never good with names to begin with.

I think I was pretty anti-social anyway~ Jun Min was so scared that I would be bored and he kept getting his friends to play dice with me or talk to me -.- But I said I am enjoying the live band…haha~

Initially he said there will only be 1 friend, then another one joined and brought along 2 friends, so that makes 6 of us. One of them actually gave me the best compliment ever by saying that I look under 20 and he thought I sneaked it! HAHAHA.

Then 2 friends left after a while, followed by the remaining 2 friends, so it was just left with 2 of us… But suddenly 2 friends happened to patronise as well and they decided to join us. (Starting to sound like some problem sum question…haha!) Then finally there was a girl who joined pretty late!

She was the one drinking with the guys most of the time and she’s quite a good drinker I guess, cause the guys were pretty impressed…

Guy A: *kept repeating* 她很会喝 leh! *look at me* 她很会喝 hor???

Me: Yah…

Guy A: 你要不要像她一样会喝?

Me: 不要 -.- 不要 aim 我。

Haha! Kinda 扫兴 but I know when to drink and when not to~ After observing the environment the whole night, I still think that knowing how to drink is very important for girls! But knowing how to reject is equally important (:

Stayed till the last song which is until 4am! It’s been so long since I stayed out till so late and gotta sneak home at night; felt like clubbing days…haha! But it was an enjoyable night and a good reunion with the 10 years old pal~



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