Editing 100 over photos can seriously make my eyes pop out one day. In fact I seriously think my job might make me go blind some day! =/

My energy drink!

Off to Raffles City after work to join the girls for the April babies’ belated celebration! Met up with Gek Peng first to help her with the cake but while squeezing the box into my bag in FaceShop…

Gek Peng: OMG! I saw Sonia’s boyfriend!

Me: Huh where?! Omggggg.

Gek Peng: Okay she’s behind you already.

Me: *turn behind but still trying hard to squeeze* Hello!!! Errr I’m packing my bag…

Sonia: Why you pack your bag in FaceShop?!


Joined the girls at Skinny Pizza after Gek Peng managed to squeeze the cake into my bag~Could only stay for a while because I gotta rush off for movieeeee! =/

The sides~

So much loveeeee when Ah Lyn specially dropped by to pass me yet another cupcake from Twelve Cupcakes! Just when I needed something sweettttttt~

Stayed for another 10 minutes to wait for Colin but that bitch was taking forever to reach and I decided not to wait anymore -.- Luckily I managed to make in just in time for my movie!

Spotted a mummy carrying bee bag! So cuteeeee! xD
Maybe I should get one for Sis to carry…LOL.

So we finally waited till everyone’s exam is over to finally catch this! Avengers!

Actually I wasn’t thatttt interested in the movie since I don’t read those comics and I did not even know who are the characters except The Hulk! Shrine even sarcastically told me that Barney is in it…Zzzzz.

But since everyone seems to be raving about it and I can’t remember when was my last movie (probably The Vow), I decided to just catch it. Not bad~ But I keep having this feeling that I have watched this movie before!!!

Probably because of Thor, which also involved a fight between Thor and Loki =/
But the whole movie is still nice enough to keep me awake throughout, despite the headache and fatigue~

Funny thing is I don’t even know why am I so exhausted. Mentally perhaps.

I believe time, time will heal everything.

(via yanilavigne.net)


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