Jelly Eggs!

Laser appointment in the morning again~! Missed it last week due to the shoot...Zzzzz. I am damn kiasu about the appointment because I wanna see fast result! But I don’t know how much it will be =/

Dabao-ed lunch again because nowadays it’s unpredictable when we will go out for lunch and when we will end up with the food at the kiosk~ So better be safe than sorry. If only I have friends working near me as lunch partner!

Special eggs delivery to reward me for the hard work of helping to edit the 100 over photos FOC! They are special because it’s agar-agar (jelly) inside! First time seeing it! Smells very good too~

Damn free after work so got down to do stuff that I have been procrastinating. Spent spent spent~! Gonna fix my hair soon too! Can’t stand it anymore.

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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