Lion no more~

Morning appointment in town again! But this time round it’s for IPL~ The good thing about morning appointment – I have time after work. And the bad thing? Of course it’s having to wake up earlier! =/

Was just saying that I’m gonna fix my hair yesterday and I got it fixed the very next day! Haha! Efficiency comes when you are extra free~

Feels like a tai-tai going for appointment after appointment to pamper myself! It’s like a therapy, but it comes with great price, literally.

But auntie’s rebonding is cheap and good, and I really need it because I am starting to look like some lion king queen; can’t stand it. The last time I rebonded (not counting fringe-rebonding) was more than 1.5 year ago! (Thank goodness I have my blog to keep track.)

Soooooo~ All the way to Jurong West!
Luckily auntie sacrificed her dinner time for me (:

(That’s obviously not me.)


As usual, auntie started chit-chatting and she was telling me that mood can affect your hair. I was skeptical initially until she concluded (from my hair) that I have bad temper/stubborn/think a lot. Spot on -.- I am all of the above.

Then she started asking about my parents and was shocked when I shared about their perpetual paranoia [e.g. some burglar is gonna climb up from our rubbish chute (I live at fucking 6th storey); I’m gonna get kidnapped as long as I am outside and etc]. Surprised that she found their paranoia equally ridiculous.

She’s really a very open-minded and optimistic auntie! She even asked her kids to save up their salary and spend her money instead…WTH?! I never thought such parent exists because it seems to be the other way round in my house. But auntie did mention that I have to thank them for my independence, which I strongly agree. Because what other bright side can I look at?

Anyway I can see from the way her 3 kids talk to her or insist on waiting for her to have dinner together. It’s not only about upbringing but the way you try to step into their world instead of expecting them to step into yours.

The world is ever progressing and there is simply no tolerance for obsolete mindset anymore. Even auntie said that! The past is good for reminiscence but no matter what, we have to move on.

So I really loveeee hip aunties and uncles who try to catch up with times and accepting the changes around them (:

I figured that this is somewhat how I’m gonna look if I’m bald…haha!

Loving my straight hair once again! 😀

Auntie: 想改变的东西改变不了就接受!



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