The rare day!

Kept my Sunday free because Little Burger is coming over again! 😀

It’s one of the very rareeeeee days because the whole family happened to be at home, which did not even happen during this year’s CNY I think? And although the whole family did not sit down and eat together, at least it happened for the 3 siblings!

Surprise surprise~ Because I can’t recall when was the last time we did that. At least a decade for sure!

Anyhow, check out Isaac in my geeky specs! xD
Sis said he looks like “pui ar(fat duck aka fat gigolo)! LOL!

Struggling to get off the specs…hahaha! Poor baby, always getting bullied by us!

Milk time~!


Drinking like a boss!

And the usual routine – eat and SLEEP!


7-month piglet! ❤

Off to Kranji Camp for practice and it’s good to see all 四朵金花 back together again, though WY is in different group from us D:

Started straight at the parade square this week and the sun was scorching hotttttttttttt! But I was the only one not complaining because…

Me: I am a strong girl!

Jason: No, it’s because you are a white girl!

True enough, I wanna be under the sun so that I can get tanned!!!

But sadly, after going through the formations (without dance steps) for a couple of times, our group was released for break x.x

And shortly after, it was dinner time! Skipped it since my lunch was not even digested yet~ Cam-whore instead!


Miss 讨厌 acting shy~


The next moment? Bitching about the girls from some school! Haha!

The lightning and thunder started right after dinner, ruining our plan of resuming the practice in parade square…tsk!!! I had not gotten enough of the sun! And I didn’t mind dancing in the rain actually =/

Moved up to the hall again and only managed to dance through once before the other groups had their turn to practise. I also wanna dance lahhhhhhhhhhh.

Spent the time doing retarded stuff with my multi-purpose bee towel instead! xD


Mickey with oversized bra!

Satisfied my cake crave after that! 😀

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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